Thursday, January 31, 2008

go cheer her on!

For those that may not know, Wannietta is soon to compete in the Knit Out 2008 in Minnesota on February 16th. She's already got the title of Canada's Faster Knitter, now we're hoping she brings home the World title! Go give her a shout out! She says she not nervous - I'd be shaking in my boots! Wish I could be there, but that's the last weekend before the new job, and it's a long weekend, so we will hopefully be cottage bound.

When I sent out an email announcing my imminent departure from the Hell Job, Wannietta called me. at work! Just to congratulate me! I expected a lot of emails (which I got), but she was one of the few that picked up the phone. As she said, my email signature has the 800 number for this office, and if she could call me and make them pay the long distance charges, why not? I love that kind of logic.

Go Wannietta! Bring home the World Title! (or at least some great wool...)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

wow! actual knitting content!

Just to prove that I still knit, I present the finished Black Watch socks:

sorry for the crappy picture, this colourway is hard to photograph at 6am. My standard, mindless, toe up, short row heel sock, with 2x2 ribbing at the top. Hubby is happy and is wearing them today.

I've started another pair, using Mama-E's CY*E*BER FIBER in the Gregory colourway. THese are for me, and I'm just past the toe:

can I tell you how much I love these colours? Chocolate brown and teal-y blue together - yum! But... I may rip these back to the toe. I may stray from my basic sock formula and try something new. It's not like anything is trying to change my mind...

...I'm just sayin' that I may want to change how I do things a bit...

Monday, January 28, 2008

too much for one to bear...

Ten months ago, my best friend lost her Mother. Friday morning, she lost her Dad. And I lost another dear friend. Al was not only my best friend's father, he was my parent's best friend. And my friend. And he was the only dentist I knew from the time I started getting teeth to when he retired 6 years ago. (and I haven't found one I like nearly as much, nor will I ever.) N had left messages for me at my house and office on Friday, which is very unlike her. I called her on my drive in and as soon as she picked up the phone I knew. And I pulled off the road and cried with her. Between us, we have one parent left - my Mom. And my Mom has always been a parent to N, as hers were to me. I don't know how to deal with this - yes, he was sick. Yes, he was in palliative care. Yes, we knew he wasn't getting out, and his time was limited. But. But there was always the thought that maybe, just maybe he would get better, and come to the cottage and drive the boat while we waterskied. Regardless of the fact that I haven't waterskied since I was 20.

I had to call my Mom and tell her. She always went to palliative care on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to have lunch with Al. She had made his favourite fruit salad for him, and I had to tell her not to go. That he wasn't going to be there, telling her he'd rather have a martini than the fruit, but since she had gone to the trouble of making it...

Not only do I not know how to deal with this, I don't WANT to deal with it. I don't want to think that of the four of them, only my Mom is here. My Dad, Marg and Al are all elsewhere, having a cocktail and telling stories like they did when we were kids. I know my Mom is hurting, but she needs to know how much we need her HERE. Right now, N needs her. I don't care how old you get, you always need them. Mom spent th weekend at my brother's place - he and his wife were away with the two younger kids, leaving my 14 year old niece at home. She asked if Nanny (my Mom) could spend the weekend with her, and Mom happily went over. It was the best thing for her, consdiering that tomorrow afternoon we have to say another good0bye.

Perspective is a wonderful thing. When I told my supervisor of what happened, and informed him that a funeral was going to be on Tuesday afternoon,he said that I would not be paid for the time if I took it off. No problem, and thank you for reinforcing my need to get out of this place.

Friday, January 25, 2008

do I need to change the name of this blog?

Off the top - thanks for the well wishes on the new job. It is very exciting - it's new challenges in an energy-charged atmosphere that is family-oriented and so very welcoming, and I haven't even started there yet! I start on the 19th of February, so I have some time to spend at home, regrouping, knitting, sewing and spoiling my boys with some most excellent mid week meals that I don't have to throw together in an instant while hearing "But Mommmm, I HUUUNNNGGGRRRYYY!"
Also, the training of the replacement has commenced. Hoo boy, this should be interesting. I keep telling her to take notes, as there are some quirks to the system that are not always front-of-mind. "That's OK, I'll remember" is what I get back. I'm realizing just how much I do around here - it's way more than my official job description. I guess they'll figure that out soon. Oh, and neither HR nor the owners has yet to acknowledge me. High road, Sandra. Stay on the high road. They're not worth it...

Now, on to the subject of this post...

It seems like it's "all sewing all the time" chez Curlerchik. Not exactly true, but I will cop to spending more time with the machine, and less with the needles...

But I like the results:

The checked shantung fabric - a simple top - asymmetrical hem, 3/4 length sleeves, bust and back darts. Fits nice, looks good. I'm happy. There is a skirt in the works in the same fabric, but the solid taupe shade of the check.

The red shantung dress. Meh. I like the details, but the fit is just OK. The princess seam darts hit me at a spot that just makes the girls look, well, strange. This will be relooked at in the future to see if I can make adjustments. I could give it to someone, but I'm using one of the fun functions on my new machine on the hems or facings of what I'm making:

Yup - my machine embroiders letters. Too much fun! But, it makes it harder to give away...

And my son is entering birthday party season. It seems like every friend he has has a birthday from January to March (including him). This past weekend he had two parties, one for a girl. I had some extra time and fabric, so I whipped this up:

How cute is this? Some of the leftover shantung from the top I made. And I embroidered her name of the other side of the bag. It's about 6 inches square, and according to the Mom, the birthday girl loved the bag as much as the game. I love that kind of feedback. My son of course couldn't care less. He got to go to a swimming party, eat pizza and cake and get a loot bag. All is good in his world...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

ding dong...

(**Note - the following must be sung to a certain tune from the Wizard of Oz...)

Ding Dong, the job is dead!

Which ole job?

The wicked job!

Ding Dong, the wicked job is de-e-e-a-a-a-d-d-d-d!

Is this what you think it means? YOU BETCHA! I quit! I'm outta here. (unfortunately, no I did not win the lottery.
I'd like to just walk out today, but I can't. I have given 2 weeks notice. As much as I hate this place, and it's poison atmosphere, I can't leave them in the lurch. I've got to train someone to do what I do.
They are not happy with me. To the point that I am being ignored. Our HR person knew of my resignation at 9:00am yesterday (I talked with my supervisor, and he told her). I have still not heard a thing from her. The owners have not even acknowledged me. Whatever. I am taking the high road - I'm here, and training and tying up loose ends.

I'm taking a week and a bit for myself before I start something new. (My old boss came through - I'm going to the same company he's now at!) Not reporting directly to him, but in a great position, with some great people. Nobody here knows of this. My current supervisor accused me of going with the old boss and said "we can find out". Fine. I'm beyond the petty games. I told them that if my life was that interesting, that they felt the need to keep tabs on me, then go ahead.
Other than doing some training and clearing off some outstanding issues, I guess I'll be reading some blogs for the next couple of weeks! I don't think I'll knit at my desk - that may be pushing it. Although, what are they gonna do? Fire me?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sewing answers

Before I get to the sewing stuff - Needles has chosen the hand dyed sock weight yarn, and Nancy gets the choker - thanks to everyone for playing!
Also, Barbie O in Montreal was asking about the pattern I used for the choker - Barbie - you were right - it is Brenda Franklin's Bugle Loop necklace!

Tracy asked me a couple of questions regarding my fabric purchases and stash.

She was wondering where I buy my fabric. Well, as much as I would love to say I haunt Queen Street West in Toronto, or have a secret little fabulous independent fabric seller, the truth is I'm a working, suburban Mom with limited free time. So Fabricland it is. I bypass all the cutesy prints, and head for the classics. That's where I found all the fabrics in the pictures. The stretch twill was on a table with some bottomweights - they had 3 or 4 colours. I don't know how stretch twill would work for a sling, never having used a sling myself - my boy was a stroller baby - he was always too hot to wear on me, and way too independent to even WANT to be worn! The shantungs were in that area as well.

However, once I dig a little deeper into the stash, I know I will find some unique stuff - stuff I bought mail order, as well as stuff I found at warehouse sales or other places. I also worked for a drapery company years ago, and have bolts of drapery weights as well as cottons I got from them. The mail order predates on-line buying - I used to belong to a couple of fabric clubs - one based in Kingston, ON, and one in BC, I think. 4 times a year they sent me 2x2 inch swatches of a selection of fabrics - nice stuff, usually 2 or 3 coordinates. Good pricing, I remember. I scored some fabulous linen and silk and other goodies from them. I still have all the swatches - I think I planned on making a quilt top with them, because some have been sewn up into strips already. We'll see where that project goes...

Tracy also wondered how I estimate yardage when I don't know what I'm making. That's a little tougher. Pants for example take AROUND 3.0 metres of 115cm fabric, but if there is any degree of tailoring, I'd factor in a little more. Tops, depending on sleeve length take about 2 metres or so, again depending on the degree of "fussiness". If you can get 150cm fabric widths, all the better - you need less. Jackets will need closer to 2.5 - 3.0 metres, more if there's lapels, tailoring, cuffs. etc.

When I buy fabric with no particular pattern in mind, I guesstimate. Or, I may buy meterage as determined by the sale. For example, a lot of what I bought recently was "buy 1 metre, get 2 free". Bang - that's an automatic 3 metres.

I bought 3 metres of the red shantung - 150cm wide. I cut out a sleeveless dress, that had some extras - a yoke, some front shaping and pockets. There's enough left over for s simple straight skirt - the joys of 150cm wide fabric.

Otherwise, I buy around 2-3 metres of fabrics, sometimes 4 if its only 115cm and I'm thinking dress. Yes, I get burned sometimes - the green sandwashed silk I have sitting staring at me for example. I had dreams of a slash neck tunic. No go - only 2 metres of 115cm. But, I have enough patterns that I will find something to match of a length of fabric.

Speaking of Fabricland - this past Saturday they had their Members 50% off sale. I loaded up on threads, notions and more patterns, and found a few more fabrics that caught my eye:
a nice wool blend black and white mini houndstooth - perfect for a classic skirt - very straight. I'm not sure If I'm going long or short with this one.

a black white and red check - almost a Glen Plaid. Again - classic, never go out of style stuff. I think a jumper (or pinafore for any Brits reading). One of the patterns I picked up has a nice one - a up-to-date twist on the basic pattern. Great to wear with a red turtleneck.

and more plaid! THis is a black,brown and blue wool blend. THis fabric is a little firmer than the two above - not sure the plans for it.

And finally, a rayon blend in a muted floral:

The gold flowers are not as prominent as they appear - there is less contrast in real life. This is already planned for a longish skirt, with a little flare at the hem.

While it doesn't appear to be, I still knit. It's just that I'm working on really boring things. Do you really want to see a few more inches on the Black Watch socks? I didn't think so. Once those are done and given to Hubby, it's socks for Me! Mama-E's C*EYE*BER Fiber in the "gregory" colourway is calling to me, and is the next to be cast on... (edited to add - I cast it on last night - yum!)

Monday, January 21, 2008

and the winner is...


good strategy, waiting back, then pouncing! - remind me to never go to Vegas with you - you'd hover around and snag the jackpot...

You guys kill me! I expected around 2-1/2 weeks before I'd reach 1,000 comments- you guys did it in about 4 days!

As promised, all the other commenters from the Friday January 18th post went into a hat:

(notice the lovely "We Might be Pirates" hat!)

My son drew out a name:

and Nancy it is!

so Nancy wins whatever Needles doesn't take (choker or yarn)

Very cool - Now I just hope you'll all stay around, reading and commenting. I'ts nice to get the feedback, knowing that people are somewhat interested in my blathering. (Or, just reading to kill time until Stephanie or Franklin posts again...)

Needles - send me your mailing address and whatever your choice is - Choker or Yarn to curlerchik AT yahoo DOT ca - Nancy - no need - I'll give it to you next time I see you!

Friday, January 18, 2008

thanks Wannietta!

Quiz stolen shamelessly from Wannietta... For once I scored well on one of these things...

You paid attention during 91% of high school!

85-100% You must be an autodidact, because American high schools don't get scores that high! Good show, old chap!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
Create a Quiz

I'll bet some of my teachers would be surprised by this.

You guys are throwing off my schedule! I should have reached 1,000 comments sometime late next week, but you've upped my count. When will it be? Who will it be? Do I count multiple repeat comments? (answer - of course! If they take the time, they could be rewarded...)

And to the anonymous commenter yesterday about the Silke Tweed and how it blooms - thanks! I always forget about how yarn will bloom after washing. I will knit up a swatch and wash it and see before I start the hoodie. It's kind of back burnered right now - there are other things calling me. Like some socks I may owe someone if he comes through for me in the near future. I'm hoping for big news soon. Very soon. Can't be soon enough!

Will there be a winner today? next week? two weeks from Tuesday? Stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

making me laugh! and making new clothes...

Carol and Wannietta - man, you two are good!! I laugh out loud when I read the comments. I think it's hilarious, and no, we're not there yet, but you're making it happen soon!
I've been thoroughly enjoying my new sewing machine. Good tools make all the difference. I'm a pretty experienced sewer, but using an older machine. This new one just makes it so much easier. Even my husband noticed how much more time I'm spending downstairs...
As promised - some of the fabrics I've recently acquired: (trying to distract you from lack of knitting progress...)
a couple of chiffon-y types - lightweight, cool prints. Destined for summery tops, possible floaty skirts. I have 3 metres of each.
a brown lightweight cotton swiss dot - the white dots are woven in, so there's some texture to this. Again, probably a summer tunic and maybe some cropped wide legged pants - again - 3 metres.
3 metres of a stretch twill - the colour is slightly off here - it's a sage-y grayish green, with woven in stripes in silvery gray and darker green. I'm thinking an unstructured cropped jacket and some tailored capris for summer.
some poly blend shantungs. 3 metres of the red, shot with black warp threads and 2 metres each of the taupe and the check. The red is already well on it's way to becoming a dress - great pattern, day to evening type, depending on how I accessorize. I now have a hankering for a black lace shawl...

The taupe (although it appears green here) will be a basic slim skirt to the knee, and the coordinating check is slated to be a top - basic shaping, 3/4 length sleeves. The check pattern is quite large, and needs simple lines. The check is a lighter weight of the same fabric, so it will hang better as a top. There's enough of the taupe after I cut out the skirt to also make a simple sleeveless top, so that's also planned.
And that's just the NEW stuff! If I thought my yarn stash was extensive, I had forgotton about my fabric stash - shelves and shelves of fabrics. Some nice, some dated. Not sure what I'm going to do with the "don't think I'll wear it" stuff. Maybe gift bags...

the honeymoon's over...

Yeah, I was in love. We all seem to start out that way - rose coloured glasses and all. Now? Not so much. Now, it's become hard. Sigh. We were so right for each other - it was perfect. Then the little things start bugging you*. These compound until you can't even be in the same room, let alone treat each other in a civil manner. I tried to convince myself that it would be okay, and things would return to the idyllic state at which we started. But there's only so much compromise I'm willing to do, especially when I get nothing in return.

So, it's over. No trial separation, nothing. We're going our own ways.

So long, Garnstudio sweater.

But... I've never been one to be alone for long - I've already found another. And in the first bloom of a relationship, I really think this one's going to be for life.
(American Safari Hoodie from the Winter 2007 Knitscene magazine) Picture it in a taupey-beige, slubbed silk-wool blend, with longer sleeves... It's perfect, it's a lifelong committment... at least until it forgets to refill the toilet paper roll...

*the little things that bugged me? All the psso's. Hate 'em. And the YO and psso combinations were looking sloppy. I think this yarn needs to be knit at a slightly tighter gauge, or in a different pattern. Also, as much as I try to convince myself otherwise with patterns like this - I'm not a lover of short sleeved lacy sweaters. And they don't really suit me. I think the Safari Hoodie will be much better, especially with more sleeveage.
For those that know and may have been worried about the Hubby? No need - he's fine. He's gotten over his "I have enough wool" attitude. I think the new Jitterbug sock yarn I brought home may have softened him a bit. I'm keeping him. Really, it's so hard to train a new one - they don't frog as easily as sweaters... But I'm still working on training him to refill the toilet paper roll. Just ask Stephanie...
And it looks like I may hit 1,000 comments sooner than my spreadsheet formula says, especially if you guys keep going at the rate you were yesterday. Not singling anyone out, cough*Wannietta*cough... ;)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a new home for the beaded choker

I blew off some work today (it was one of THOSE days, people were annoying me and I needed to get my mind elsewhere...) so I took a look at my comment stats.

I have over 900 comments. Which is close to 1000. If I average a little over 3 comments per day and I blog 5 days (or so ) a week, that means in about 2 weeks or so (if all else remains equal), I should hit 1,000 comments.

What do you think? Should this be a contest? How would you this as a prize?
I'm thinking that as a prize for commenter 1,000, I'd send them the beaded choker. or yarn, if they'd prefer. Whatever prize Commenter 1,000 doesn't choose (yarn or choker) I'll randomly pick someone who comments on the same day. (random as in all names of commenters will go in a hat (knitted, of course), and my son will draw one), and they will get the other prize.
Hand Dyed Merino sock yarn - 380 yards. I used this for my FIL's socks this past Christmas, and he has said they are his favourite to date. (And he's picky about his socks - he has foot issues, and can't have anything too rough.) It's a somewhat solid denim blue - just enough variegation to make it interesting, but would be lovely in the Monkey or Pomotomus type patterns. Hmmm, maybe I don't want to give this away...
But I will!

So to recap - I'm expecting comment number 1,000 soon. The person that leaves the 1,000th comment gets their choice of choker or sock yarn. A random choice of the comments left on the same day gets the other prize. Sound good?

Monday, January 14, 2008

scratch one off the list...

This past weekend went by far too fast. Saturday was a day for errands, and it seemed every store I went into had one cashier and 400 customers lined up. Oh well. I got everything done, we had the in-laws up for dinner, and enjoyed a couple of bottles of nice Australian Red.

Sunday was laundry - both getting the clothes clean and mucking out the laundry room, which doubles as my sewing room.

I should explain - Hubby and I are in the midst of a major purge of the house. We both have pack-rat tendencies, and rather than passing that on to the child, we decided to get rid of stuff. The plan is to empty the house of our useless stuff, then start some renos - minor stuff like painting and new trim, as well as a bathroom redo or two. Goodwill is our new best friend these days. Yesterday saw them receive 3 large clear garbage bags of baby clothes, as well as 3 of the same size bags of sewing patterns. Yes, I purged the patterns! It was funny - a real walk through the ages. Man, I liked the big shouldered look in the 80's! I should have taken pictures of some of the more classic bad taste looks. but alas, they are gone. The result is a room that while unfinished, and in a basement, is infinitely more comfortable and pleasing to spend time in. So I celebrated by buying new fabrics to sew! And I forgot to take pictures of them! Soon, I promise.

But... I did finish one of my WIPs - and I even added a chain...
The metallic beaded choker is done! I love these - the most tedious part is stringing the beads, but once that's done, it a really simple knit.

I love the mix of beads - all metallic colours - silver, gold, pewter, bronze and copper.

I think it will go with everything. However, I may not be keeping it - it may have a special home sometime soon...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

save us from fashion designers...

Honestly? I don't know (nor do I want to know) who designed this. (Sorry for the crappy picture - I grabbed it from MSN...) I know runway stuff is meant to be extreme, and out there, and not for the masses. But this is just insulting. I mean, really! no knitter in her right mind would do this - what a waste of yarn! And those needles? what, 50mm? You're just asking for hand cramps...

In other news - I got nothin'. After showing you everything I'm working on yesterday, I've kind of set myself up for boring updates of these projects. Maybe I need to start something new. You know, just to keep you all interested and coming back...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

wips. not chains...

I'm kind of wondering what kind of Google searches that title is going to land me...

There is a difference between WIPs and UFOs. I have many UFOs around the house (we're talking double digits, here), but I usually keep the WIPs to a manageable number. (I have a very loose definition of "manageable", obviously...)
Let me here explain MY definition of the two terms:

WIP - something I am actively working on, and pick up or look at at LEAST every other day. UFO - a project I have started and may or may not finish, or even ever pick up and look at again. It may be completed, It may be frogged, it may languish in a half done state forever.

Okay, back to the WIPs. I am currently working on the following:
Black Watch Socks for Hubby. (Toe Jam sock yarn, hand dyed by Rabbitch, bought from the Sweet Sheep online.) One complete, next one ready to be cast on, but I delayed it a bit - Nancy wants to learn a toe up cast on, and I thought I would show her how I do it at our Guild meeting last night.
Coffee Bean Socks, probably for Hubby, maybe for the gift box. (Merino Tencel blend from (the name escapes me) bought from the Sweet Sheep booth at KW fair last September. One about 3/4 of the way done.
Beaded choker - Bugle Bead pattern from Brenda Franklin, using a mix of metallic beads (gold, silver, bronze and copper). Maybe for me, maybe for the gift box.
Drops Silke Tweed summer sweater. For ME!
Selbuvotter Mittens, using Shelridge Farms Hand Painted and Sisu sock yarn. One done, and the second one is in progress - cuff done, thumb gusset and body being worked.
Kid sweater, for my son. I started this a while ago, and as I worked on it, he kept growing (as 8 year olds are apt to do), and I decided to time it for next fall, and therefore made it bigger. (It was already plenty big around, so it is more a case of adding length). However, I ran out of yarn and had to get more. (Cotton Ease). Luckily, the breaks will be at the stripes, so the dye lot difference (if any) won't be incredibly noticeable. Technically, if I stick to the definition above, this isn't really a WIP, but a UFO, but it sits in full view, and now that I have the needed yarn, it should get back into rotation.
Montego Bay scarf in a merino - tussah silk lace weight that I bought... somewhere. (Kitchener? Knitter's Frolic?) Very nice, easy pattern, luscious yarn.
River Rock Scarf - yes this is still in the rotation, and very close to the end - I'm past the half way mark, closer to 3/4, and should really just finish it. But it will probably be a gift, so now the rush is not as great. We'll see if this keeps WIP status or drops to UFO...

I am fairly amazed at those knitters that can pick a project, and stick to it monogamously. I need the variety. Plus, I always keep a project in my bag, so I can knit at work at lunch or at other odd times of the day. Hence the need for numerous socks. The beads - well, when I feel like testing the ole eyesight, this is the project. Then something larger like the summer sweater or the Selbu mitts for when I can concentrate on charts.

Normal? Whatever. It works for me, and I guess that's all that matters.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

stash and the significant other...

Carol left me a comment yesterday in reply to my finding forgotten items in my stash:

"...if you don't remember what you have in your stash...maybe you should invite me over to 'shop'????? According to my hubby, that's "too much stash".

It seems my husband feels the same way. 99% of the time, he never says a word about the stash, except to pick out his sock yarns. So this exchange when we were reorganizing the living room (around his new toy - the TV), and I discovered some of son's toys hidden away in an end table, was surprising:

Me: "Hey, here's son's LeapPad! I wondered where that had got to. Maybe we'll give it to a friend, since Son has no interest in it. And look at all this space! (it's a cube type table with a lift off lid - very roomy). I could store lots of my knitting here".

Him: "No more wool storage! Isn't there enough wool in this house?"

Me: Blink. blink. "Seriously? You think there's enough? Really?"

Him: "There's wool or magazines or books about wool in EVERY room of this house. Don't you thing that's enough?"

Me: "No. No I don't."

Him: "You're going to store wool in there, aren't you?"

Me: "Yes, Yes I am." (and little does he know, I'm not taking if from other rooms. This is where the stuff I buy from The Knitter's Frolic in April, and other places, is going.) Enough wool in the house, my ass. Steph, can I send him over to talk to Joe?

Monday, January 07, 2008

knit from stash? Moi?

Well, it seems that I do knit from stash occasionally. This time it's because I found a stash of Garnstudio Drops Silke Tweed that I had bought on sale and promptly forgot about. A nice discovery, when I was looking for something else. (I now can't remember what I was originally looking for. Figures.)
I had 4 colours of the Silke Tweed - 9 balls of beige (probably colour 08), 9 balls of a flecked dark grey (probably colour 09), 4 balls of mustard (definitely colour 12) and 1 ball of green (either 07 or 18). I know, a odd lot, but I'm pretty sure I bought out all of Tove's stock when she had it on sale.
I also know that Garnstudio has an extensive cache of patterns available on their website, organized nicely by type of yarn, or type of pattern, or whatever. I selected the Silke Tweed section and was faced with a choice of 133 patterns! (Okay, now I know why I can't remember what I was originally looking for - I spent two hours fondling Silke Tweed and matching it up to patterns.)
The beige is going to be this (pattern # 64-17):

Sorry, did I say going to be? It has already started becoming...

The remaining grey, mustard and green may become this (pattern # 61-16):

This is not a definite, but I think it's a great use for the colours.

Who knew knitting from stash could be so much fun? It's almost like shopping without spending money?

I wonder what's buried the the back closet... must go shopping, I mean, looking...

Friday, January 04, 2008

the nicest compliment, times two

My husband was at his brother's last weekend. His weekly poker game (every Monday night, same group of guys since HIGH SCHOOL*) got moved to Friday because of the Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve thing. Since it was their annual holiday game, there is usually alcohol involved, and I told him to stay over at his brother's to avoid the 45 minute drive home. Brother and SIL were happy to have him stay. In the morning, Hubby is getting coffee and noticed SIL was wearing the beaded choker I had gifted her with at Christmas:

(this is me wearing it, before gifting)

Compliment Number One:

Hubby noticing it, and remembering that I made it. And saying to J - "I think that's the nicest necklace Sandra made. You lucked out." This was relayed to me by SIL by phone later in the day. Seriously, Could you just KISS that man? For noticing it on J, and for remembering it in progress! I love my husband.

Compliment Number Two:

the fact that J was wearing it on a "stay at home, nothing really planned, kind of day". I asked her where she was going, since she was wearing a beaded choker. "Nowhere. I just love it, and wanted to wear it. It looks great with my black turtleneck."

She is SO getting something great next year...

*It was part of wedding vows that Hubby gets to play poker every Monday night. It's the same core group of guys - 6 of them - from high school. There have been some additions to the group, and one guy even plans his business trips from Texas, where he now lives, to include a Monday night stayover, and Tuesday morning return flight.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


This is what happens when your newspaper delivery person tosses your paper in an unfamiliar spot, you don't see it, it snows heavily, and you run over the paper with a snowblower:

If there was anything interesting on the front page of the Toronto Star on January 1st, please let me know...

Other than that, we spent much of the day on the 1st digging out from yet another snowfall. It's cold today, yet in a week, we are expected to see temperatures of 13C! I don't get it.

New Years Eve was spent at home, just the three of us. We had planned to have friends over, but the flu hit their house and they opted to stay home. We had a nice dinner, played some games, watched some movies, and saw in the New Year as a family.

I got some knitting done - finished off one of the Selbuvotter mittens:The colour is really washed out here - the green is much more vibrant. These are somewhat snug -they fit, but I'm hoping blocking will give me a little more ease. And yes, I will cast on the second one shortly! I love the patterning of the Selbu mitts and plan more of them.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Well, THAT was annoying! I had a post all ready to go - I wrote it last night, and it's gone. Not sure what happened, and I hope it is not a portent for the year.

Ah, a New Year. Now, I'm not a resolution-type chick. My feeling is if you want to change something in your life, why wait until the first of the year? If you want change, then change when the feeling comes upon you. So there will be no 2008 resolutions from me. As far as 2007 - it was good. I have a happy, healthy family, a roof over our heads and food available for us to eat. We probably have too much stuff under that roof, and are in the process of reducing it - old toys are going to a friend who runs a daycare, Goodwill is the constant recipient of many a bag of clothes. MSF gets their cheque so they can continue doing what they do best.

I had a little time off over the last two weeks - not enough (it never is), but I did get to spend time with extended family and friends, and that's important. I also acquainted myself with my new sewing machine, and I have to say, the Hubby did good. He did all his own research as far as finding the best machine to buy, and whatever he did, he did well. I love it, and spent some quality time with it:

a red and gold houndstooth skirt - pencil slim and mid calf length. I'm thinking some Butter Pecan Main Line from Knit Picks for a matching sweater...
Another skirt - this time a wool blend dark grey plaid - the gold, coral and sage green stripes are not as bright as they appear here. I have some nice dark grey Briggs and Little that might work with this...

I also came across a stash of Red linen-type napkins, as well as some Christmas themed ones. So I got a head start on wrapping for next year, and started making up some reusable gift bags:

(two 14 inch square napkins each, and a foray into my lace trim stash).

The best surprise regarding this project? I looked in my fabric stash, and found a whole WHACK of Christmas themed fabrics, so I hauled it out. I guess I had this reusable bag idea before, because there were over 20 half done bags already there! They just need some drawstrings and trim, and we're good to go! Next Christmas will be very green indeed...

I did some knitting as well, but that will have to wait until tomorrow - I'm typing this at work, and should probably quit while I'm ahead...

I'm here...

give me a sec - I've got a post, but the computer ate it and I have to re-write. Back in a bit...