Tuesday, September 30, 2008

great. I'm obsessed again...

Beads. Damn beads. I swear I was a magpie in a former life, because I can't seem to stay away from the sparkly things. And trust me, I don't wear them! I may wear one of my bracelets, but usually the matte stone ones, not the sparkly bead ones. I may wear colour, but again, nothing with sequins on it. I'm probably even giving away the black sequined scarf I wove, because it's a little too sparkly for me.

So why can't I stay away from them? I'm drawn to them like male cottager is drawn to a new boat. (Let's guess what our conversations at home have been revolving around... anyone??)

I've been spinning and stringing beads in all manner of colour combinations, using up the seed beads I've had hanging around. (This is good, right? Using up stuff that has been hanging around? It's not like I've been buying them... much... okay, well, maybe a few, or so... damn - okay, I'm buying them as well).

SO I've been spinning ans stringing, and making the basis of necklaces, and then matching them up with the pendants, and, well, making shiny sparkly things to give away.

Monday, September 29, 2008

a somewhat productive weekend (for some of us...)

I love it when my son's basketball season gets started. His games are Saturday mornings, either 9am or 10am, and while I love the sleeping in thing, getting up and going for a morning event means we are home, dressed and ready well before our usual weekend morning. Which, for me, translates into getting a lot of stuff done. For my husband, it translates into a nap on the couch, but hey, to each his own...

I got stuff done. I got shopping done, picking up odds and ends that always seem to slip through the cracks. I got knitting done, beading done and reading done. We had a friend for dinner of Saturday, and enjoyed an amazing planked salmon, with enough to send her home with some and have some on Sunday in am omelet.

I also got me a new toy: yep, I got a bead spinner - I didn't think I would need this, as I always thought I would tire of the tiny needle bead knitting and such, but no such luck - I'm still continually enthralled by it, so I broke down. Man, does this make life easy! I strung 7 lengths of beads - each about 60cm in length in NO TIME AT ALL! What did I need this for, you may ask? Well, I've been making jewellery (simple stuff) that's not always knitted. This pendant is a series of glass circles - a sterling square link, and the beads, a lobster clasp - and voila! a Christmas gift for someone. I have a lot more pendants (and a large female CHristmas list) that would look great done like this - hence the need for the bead spinner...
I'm still knitting jewellery - the bracelets I make with stone beads continue to be popular. I'm loving this red coral one - so much so, that I may have to get more of these beads and keep one for myself...
All in all, a pretty good weekend - add in a bunch of bike rides (Sunday was stellar - weather wise - Son and I rode all over, in shorts no less, getting a bunch of errands done, and some time spent outside, chatting with friends.

Friday, September 26, 2008

comment comments

For lack of any picture worthy knitting progress, (although the Kauni sleeve is moving along nicely...) I thought I would comment on some of the comments I've received.

Carol said:

If you are still in a cleaning mood, you can come to my house (that gets you away from all the people pissing you off) and clean my house (which will burn off some pent-up energy) and I will give you beer and snacks and stuff.....and then you can show me how to spin (since you will have brought your wheel) and life will be good. For a while anyway....

Two things - the cleaning jag is over - sorry, you're on your own, and I don't spin. I don't have a wheel or a spindle, and I am trying desperately not to get sucked into the spinning black hole. I knit, I sew, I weave. I hope to keep it at that...

Tracy said:

Could you do the simple top down black raglan on your LK150?

That was always the plan - Once I clear off the crap from the top of the machine. I don't use my machine much since I keep if for simple stockinette stuff, and most of the knitting I do is either lace, socks and colourwork. And yes, I know you can knit socks on the machine, but I hate seams in socks (even the Bickford seam is noticeable), and doing socks on the machine defeats the purpose of portable knitting. But a raglan cardi - absolutely. I will make up a swatch, and plug it into my Sweater Wizard software and crank out a pattern. I still plan on hand knitting some sort of edging, however...

Dierdre has commented on the fact that we keep missing one another at shows and such. I know! This is annoying. We both knit (a lot). we both buy wool (a lot). We both are influenced by other blogs and buy looms (the same one!) We live not that far apart! - Deirdre - we HAVE to meet up soon!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

state of the knitting

Kauni is motoring along:
The body is done - hem stitches are on a thread, and the sleeves are started. The funny line up the middle is where the steek will be - I made it 13 stitches wide, which is larger than it needs to be, but since it's my first one, I didn't have a problem with a little added insurance. (I know it won't ravel when I cut it. I know that. I just, maybe, well, possibly don't quite believe it...)A close up of the hem - the purl row is the turning row for the faced hem, The blue/green area is the faced hem, which is currently live stitches on a thread, waiting to be sewn down once the steek is cut and the front bands are on. The hem is a simple 2x2 checkerboard of colour. I started with a 3x3 checkerboard, but the proportions didn't look right, and I think the 2x2 works well

Socks are motoring along:
(oops! there should be a picture here of 2 pairs of socks - both in the final lap - each needs about 2 inches of leg to finish on the second sock) Alpaca sock for my father in law, and Eliza hand-dyed for my nephew, or husband.

Beads are being strung and knit up:

(another oops! I forgot to take a picture of some vibrant red coral stones ready to become a bracelet, along with some crystal seed beads and some other seed beads waiting to become amulet bags and chokers.

Yes, that can only mean that we are in the throes of Christmas knitting! (Except for Kauni. She's all mine. No one is wheedling her from me, unless it looks like crap on once finished. And even then, I'd probably hang it on the wall rather than give it away...)
ETA - it fits, and I don't think it looks like crap. I can't wait to wear this with a black top and pants, or jeans and a t-shirt, or well, just about anything. I truly love it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

random stuff

Okay, I hope there won't be a rant here - I can't promise, but I can try. I don't really think I have much to say, but we'll see...

I took my son to the dentist yesterday - lucky kid that he is, has inherited my family dental traits. Soft teeth, thin enamel. So we go to a pediatric dental specialist. Can I say something? I LOVE HER! Her whole team is fantastic! They calm the kids down, and in our case, let my son listen to his MP3 player while in the chair - kept him calm and reasonably happy. The only issue? Kid's programming on the TV in the waiting room. But my knitting took care of that - I was happy.

The boy also had his first basketball practice with the new team last night. It looks like a good one, and I like the coach, so we're looking forward to a fun season.

Kauni - I meant to have a picture here. I've finished the body, and will put the bottom live stitches on a thread tonight before starting the sleeves. I decided on a folded hem, rather than ribbing, and did the hem in a 2x2 colour block. What I can't understand about fair isle knitting is this? Why did it seem to take longer to knit the hem facing (straight stockinette stitch, no colour changes), than the entire sweater? (Okay, slight exaggeration). But really, 2 colour fair isle knitting just seems to grow at an exponential rate compared to regular knitting. Strange.

Socks - very close to finishing the alpaca socks, as well as the dyed by Eliza socks. I will need to get some more on the needles, and Christmas knitting is starting to go into overdrive. But the next sock yarn I want to use, I don't want to give away. Helga gave it to me, and I'm keeping it for ME! Which means, I can't knit with it next if I want to knit gifts.

I need to figure out who is on my Christmas list, and what I want to give them, soon. I know it's only September, but I'd like to have the "potential gift" box at least started.

I need to find my camera - I thought I knew where it was, but I was wrong. Now I think I REALLY know where it is, ans will look tonight.

For someone who says she doesn't watch a lot of reality shows, I'm ridiculously addicted to Dancing with the Stars, Survivor and the Amazing Race. All of which are starting this week.

At least I don't watch reality dating shows, or celebrity family shows. (Although, I will admit to watching Gene Simmons Family Jewels at times.)

Criminal Minds starts tonight - I love that show, although a touch less now that Mandy Patinkin is gone.

I'm secretly hoping that I need knee surgery that will lay me up for a while, so I can watch some shows on DVD that I have never seen (I'm thinking Lost and Heroes)

We've had a shuffle at work - my boss (great guy) has left - family issues, and he's relocating to Vancouver to rebuild his marriage. While I applaud his reasons, I wish he hadn't left - I liked working for him. My new boss is good too, but there will be a learning curve as we adjust to the other changes here. My job is safe for the foreseeable future, so on a selfish note, I'm happy.

For someone who didn't have a lot to say, I've actually said a fair bit. Maybe next I will get some pictures up.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I should get frustrated more often...

There are things going on in my life right now. Mostly small stuff, from both sides of the family and from work, but enough of them that put together adds up to a serious level of frustration. I worked through it this weekend by scrubbing my bathrooms, cleaning my oven, raking leaves, going for bike rides, and baking cupcakes for work. I have also just about finished the body of Kauni (just finishing up the bottom band), and made serious progress on some socks and some jewellery.

If things continue to annoy me, I may actually get my house organized.

And, you may not hear from me for a bit. I may either have nothing to say, or I am awaiting bail after killing some family members. Yeah, life's like that.

Friday, September 19, 2008

arrr..... the power of a popular guest...

Every now and then I check my blog stats. Any guesses what happened back in August? I guess I need to be more interesting or knit more to keep those that pop over for a look-see.

Then again, I'd hate to have to read hundreds of comments each day, so I guess it's a good thing I'm kind of boring.

And yes, it is Talk like a Pirate Day - spread the worrrddddd....

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sel et Poivre made a good point recently - cleaning out the summer knitting detritus and organizing for fall - the real New Year in Knitters' minds. Wool feels right at this time of year.

I have plans - oh so many plans!

I want to finish my Kauni, NOW! I've got about 2 more inches of body, then sleeves, then the banding. I'm hoping for a Christmas debut.

I want a simple black top down raglan cardigan.

I want another cardi - in my blue and brown Silky Wool. I've got a book - Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard which is all about top down sweaters - and there are some stunners in there.

I want my ordered copy of Stephanie's new Book, which should have come with the new Mason Dixon book, and I want it NOW! (The Mason Dixon book is pretty awesome, as well).

I want to get my Christmas knitting organized - who should be getting what - to see what I still have left to make. (I'm hoping for lots of beaded projects - they make me happy to knit, and they're small and quick.)

And, I want to thank those of you who commented on "priorities". Having kids is a choice, and one we thought long and hard about (I was in my late 30's when we took the plunge). It's not for everyone, and I applaud those that make the conscious decision not to. Peer and/or family pressure are the absolute worst reasons for having a child, and in this day and age, with all the options available, "accidental" children should be few and far between. We still get heat for only having one, as if it was the choice we made. We would have loved another, but it didn't happen, and at this stage, it won't happen. We're happy with how things are, and if my lifestyle doesn't suit you, no problem. It's MY lifestyle. I try not to push my opinions on others, and I expect the same in return. I need not, nor do I want, judgements on what I do, and how I raise my child, or how I live my life.

I told my friend that in so many words over lunch. Once she stopped trying to fit my life into her definition of what she thought it should be, lunch became much more pleasant.

She's still trying to get me to use her (massively expensive!!) hairdresser. Not going to happen - I hate it when my stylist has clothes that cost more than my car...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So what does everyone think I started doing? Knitting? Weaving? Something new from the Knitter's Fair haul? Stash Yarn? Existing projects?

Can I even bear to look at wool, considering how much is in my house, and how much I added?

Anyone? Bueller?

I'll take pictures tonight, promise...

In the meantime, life continues on. My son starts basketball practice this week, the next level of swimming starts up, his additional school programme that we decided on with him also starts this week, so he'll be riding a school bus to school for the first time, and we had to get that all organized.

I had lunch with a friend of mine the other day. She's married, and they don't have kids (her husband is WAYYYYY too selfish to ever have kids.) I was explaining all this when she asked what was going on. She sat back and said "Why do you do all this? You're overdue for a haircut, you never get your nails done. When was the last time you were at the spa? You spend too much time on your kid, and not enough on yourself". Now I'm starting to think that both of them are too selfish to ever have kids, and thankfully they came to that decision before they had one. It's all about priorities. Personally, I can't do the spa more than once a year - bores me. I know I need a haircut. It has to be on a Saturday, because there is not enough time during the week. Hubby is lucky if he arrives home before 7:30pm or so. But lately, Saturdays have been busy - either the cottage, the Knitter's Fair, or other events have conspired to keep me from the salon. So should I have bagged the Knitter's Fair for a hair cut? No, that's not my priority. And when we chose to have a child, we chose to put his interests in the forefront, for the most part. I think most parents do this. I can't be the only one whose non-parent friends get all out of sorts when things get cancelled or moved around to allow for kid activities.

It's all about the lifestyle choice. It's not like my family situation was thrust upon me without notice. I knew when I married this guy, that he worked late, pretty much all the time. He owns the business, so it's an investment in the future. I have adapted to that, and before our son was born, ate dinner late with him. Now? Not so much. I make dinner, eat, and get on with the evening's activities - whether inside or outside the home. Hubby gets a plate left for him, and he eats when he gets home. Ideal? Not by a long shot. But it's what works for us, right now. Even his parents seem a little shocked. His dad called the other night around 7:30pm.When I mentioned that he wasn't home, his Dad was all, "But it's 7:30! What are you doing about dinner?" I just laughed and said "Your life. My life. Two different things."

And, an aside - I never call my husband "Hubby" and I'm pretty sure I don't even like the term. I need to give him a psuedonym here, as I don't use his real name. I should come up with one for my son as well, I guess. Today is probably not a good day to come up with one, as they both pissed me off this morning, and dumping "shithead" on the husband and "lazyass child" on the kid isn't good. Maybe I'll wait until I think better of them...

Monday, September 15, 2008

4.19 am

I don't care who you are, when your phone rings at 4.19am, it's never a good thing. That was our Sunday morning wake up. It was the alarm company, notifying Husband of an alarm at his office. Now, we have the office alarm because 6 months ago, someone broke in and ripped off all his computers and other equipment. Not looking for a repeat performance, Husband took off to the office to see what was going on. Of course, going back to sleep was not an option for me - my adrenaline was pumping a bit. So I got up, made some coffee and waited. Husband returned by just before 6am, and luckily, it was a false alarm. But still. So, back to bed to try and grab a couple more hours before my son woke up. I'm loving the fact that he is growing up - it was close to 9am before he woke up!

This was all the day after the Kitchener Knitters Fair, so my weekend was definitely a roller coaster ride! The high of Kitchener, the low of the knee pain I endured after all that walking around, the high of looking at the great yarn I bought, the low of the 4.19am phone call, the high of the false alarm, the low of the rest day, functioning on a broken sleep.
Speaking of Kitchener, what a great way to spend a rainy Saturday. Our bus left around 8am, and we arrived at the Fair just after 10am. I met Lucky, who had arrived earlier. We shopped, talked, ate our picnic lunch, shopped some more, talked some more. Lucky left, and I shopped some more and well, more. We left around 4pm, well shopped out, and the bus ride back was a whirlwind of Show and Tell. Seeing who bought what, and where they bought it, and why didn't I buy some when I saw it...
But I did buy.
Headwater Wools - great value. 2 sweater's worth - the green possibly for Manon, the black - a simple top down raglan cardigan. Beige Australian Merino - I missed this until the very end - 10 ball bag - $4.69 a ball. Okay, but then there was a 50% discount! So, even better! I have to thank Linda for finding this - she got a bag of red!
Dye-Version's Silver yarn. Slated for a scarf for my Mom. This had a little sparkle in in from the STERLING SILVER plied into it! Too cool! Bamboo sock yarn from Mary Maxim. Mary Maxim! The home of acrylic yarn and picture sweaters! They've changed a bit... Elsbeth Lavold Silky wool - 6 hanks in a heathery blue - a little short for a sweater, but I have 4 hanks of a beautiful brown in Silky wool that will coordinate perfectly for another cardigan. 5 balls of Fibernatura Oak - a merino, linen, and silk blend - 40% off at the Purple Purl. Not sure what this will become, but I'm looking forward to using it. And my favourite - a skein of Tilli Tomas green silk with beads, and a skein of Tilli Tomas green silk/seacell blend. This will become a woven scarf - similar to the black one I wove with the sequined Tilli Tomas I bought at the Knitters Frolic in April.
I also bought some DPN tubes, but then I cut the groove into them to make them into sock in progress holders. This bag of 4 holders cost $6, the bag of 2 sock in progress holders was $9.50! 5 minutes with an exacto knife and I ended up with double the quantity for almost 2/3 the price.

I almost bought another needle felting kit, but wisely decided against it. I have not even touched the two kits I presently own!

I did spend a little of other people's money - I pretty much forced Linda to buy some fabulouse stuff at Yarns Plus - that grey/purple blend will be stunning! SPending other people's money is almost as fun as spending my own...

I did miss meeting some people I wanted to meet - Dierdre, where were you? And there were some others. I think having it in two rooms made it more diffiuclt to run into people, but it did make getting around a lot easier - the aisles were not nearly as crowded. All in all - a success. I can't wait until next year!

Friday, September 12, 2008


I have to make a phone call this morning. I need an MRI on my knee, and the hospital called yesterday to tell me it's been booked. My doctor wants this done quickly, so they booked it for Sunday, October 12 at 8:15am. Great. Thanksgiving weekend. I don't think so. We get the cottage ready for winter on that weekend - there's a fair bit of work that I need to do. So now I have to call and see if I can rearrange this, and not have to wait until February for the next appointment.

What do you think my chances are?

Yeah, that's what I thought.


well, what do you know? Calling early in the morning has it's benefits - they had a cancellation last night, so I got my appointment moved to Tuesday the 14th at 5:00pm! Soooo much better! Guess I'd better order the turkey from the butcher...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ow, ow, OW!

If you're at all squeamish look away now. Actually, to make it more palatable, I've done the diagram thing rather than a real life picture. My son came running up to greet me the other day - he had running shoes on - me, my ever-present flip flops. His shoe caught the top of my big toe nail. And snapped it back. The black part shown below is the part that has detached itself around the edges. It's like a floating piece of nail. (the orangey colour is the chrome copper nail polish I will live with for a while - no nail polish remover is getting near this toe!)Yeah, there was some pain at the time. Still is at times. My son felt horrible at the time, now he thinks it's funny when I walk funny.

The problem I'm running into is the weather - I have the toe bandaged to protect it somewhat, but closed toe shoes are not an option at the moment. Now, I would live in flip flops, given the choice, but the cooler mornings are starting, and my work clothes are getting a little less casual as the weather changes, so I'm going to have to get creative. I'm hoping for a serious bout of Indian Summer so I can stretch the sandal wearing a little longer...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

COuntdown to Kitchener

Ah, September - kids back at school, chill in the morning air, and the Kitchener Knitters Fair! Right up there with the Knitter's Frolic in April.

Plans are being made - Lucky and I meet up and shop and lunch until she either leaves, or my bus leaves. We of the York Region Knitting Guild band together with the Barrie Guild and get a bus to take us there. No driving means more knitting time. There are also draw prizes - I know I have about 10 prizes to donate! Lucky is even donating a couple of prizes to the cause.

Wish lists are being formulated. I'm after a couple of sweaters' worth of yarn - enough worsted weight for Manon - colour to be determined, and some black wool for a go-everywhere cardigan. I know there will be Kauni there, but I think I'm well stocked on that, unless of course I fall hard for the black/cream/grey colourway...

There may also be some bead kits purchased. One can never have too many sparkly things to knit, can one?

Monday, September 08, 2008

knitting and sewing, and a pretty good Canadian!

A strange weekend - It doesn't feel like I did anything, but sitting down on Sunday night and looking back, it seems like I did:

This is the blanket strip - the "knitted hug" so to speak. It's a lovely brown, Cara Mia by Needful yarns - a 100% merino, soft and squooshy, and perfect for this. I'm almost done - probably another 40cm or so. It's a "Joan" colour - autumny and rich. I hope she likes it.

I also did some sewing, in anticipation of Christmas. My husband likes short pajamas - not t-shirts, not knitted. Shorts, short sleeve buttoned top - no collar, no lapel, woven cotton blend. Yeah, try finding those. Not easy I tell ya! Every year when I'm in Florida, I look, and most years I'm lucky to find 1 pair. This year, I decided to take the bull by the horns and make him some. This way, I choose the fabric (100% cotton - no blends), and I have a few presents ready to go. I just need to get some buttons and we're done with these.

You may notice that piece of newspaper lying there. Last night, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) ran a show called Test the Nation - it was a quiz about Canada. They had teams in studio, and had the country playing along on line or by themselves. We decided against the online version, since the computer and TV aren't in the same vicinity, but I have to say, I'm a proud Canadian! 40 out of 50 - well above the national average! (I can't believe I thought a young Mike Myers was a young Rick Moranis, but whatever...) The show itself was a bit lame - they were trying too hard to be funny, but still - a good primer on Canada and Canadiana. The in studio team that won? A team of Americans living in Canada! Who Knew?

And, we're in Kitchener Knitter's Fair countdown - this Saturday a busload of knitters from the Barrie and York Guilds will descend upon Bingemans in Kitchener, and buy up hordes of yarn none of us need. I'm meeting Lucky there, and we'll have our traditional picnic lunch. I'll be carrying my yellow "I KNIT" messenger bag, so if you see me, say hi. Or not. I won't be offended. Who wants to bet I find Stephanie and Rachel H in the bead booth again...

Friday, September 05, 2008

knitting to help...

My latest project is one I am so pleased to be able to knit, yet one I wish I didn't have to. A friend, and fellow Guild member Joan, has recently told us that her husband is terminally ill. Not something you ever want to hear. They are in the process of moving from Barrie to Richmond Hill - he wants to be closer to the hospital where he is receiving treatment, and most importantly to him, he wants Joan to be closer to their kids - son in Richmond Hill, daughter in Aurora. There's so much we all want to do to help, but we don't want to overwhelm. Once they're moved, I'll make some dinners that can be frozen and reheated easily and bring them by. But in the meantime, we're knitting a hug. Each of the Guild members is knitting a strip and Jo-Anne has offered to sew them together to make a blanket. Each strip is to be the knitter's wingspan - a hugs length, so to speak. It's kind of silent way to show them we are thinking of them. I wish I could do more, but to be honest, I wish there wasn't even a need for this. Joan doesn't have a computer, so I know I'm not spoiling the surprise for her.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

the post about why I don't need to post...

There really isn't anything to talk about. I'm knitting - Kauni sweater, some beads, some socks - nothing that looks any different from how it looked before. The Kauni is halfway back on the needles, but a new project, one knit with love and caring is taking precedence. But other than that - this is a knitting blog with no knitting to really show. And the rest of my life is not all that interesting. So I really shouldn't even be posting. Hence the post to explain why I shouldn't be posting.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

back to school, and decisions, decisions...

My son went back to school - grade 4. This is the first year that the teacher did not meet the class in the courtyard - once in grade 4, they are considered "junior" grades, not "primary", and are expected to find their own way to the classroom. So we all hung out in the courtyard, then the kids all congregated, while we parents chatted - the bell rang, and they were off. I barely got a backwards wave, let alone anything else.

Of course, this was after we spent a glorious long (but really too short) weekend at the cottage. It was the weather we had been waiting for all summer. Hot, sunny - everything you want when you are sitting by a lake, watching kids swim and play. The horseshoe tournament was played, the new deck at a friend's cottage was admired, drinks were drunk, food was eaten, everything we wanted to do was done. We just couldn't warp the time-space continuum to stretch the weekend out any further.

The drive home was humourous - my SIL and older nephew left on Sunday - he's starting high school, and wanted a day with friends to "map out" how they were going to do this. What hat to wear, how the shoes were tied, is the shirt tucked in or out? The minor details that define the cool from the nerd. Unfortunately, he's going into grade nine - he has no chance at being cool for a while. But still, that extra day was needed. To make a long story less tedious, that left my BIL and other nephew to come home with us, and get his car (conveniently left at our house) to go home. So that's five people in a Pathfinder. No problem, there's an extra row of seats - it says it sits up to 8 people. Well, yeah, if you have no luggage, no cottage laundry, and want to share the back seat with two nine year olds! So it was left to me to be squished (literally) into the third row - sitting sideways, since I could not fold my legs into the space provided. One would think this a horrible fate for a 2.5 hour drive. But then it dawns - I have the width of the car to myself, with all the pillows, my Ipod, my knitting and an excuse to ignore the 4 males I'm sharing the car with. Can we say prime knitting time?? I'm almost ready to end to Kauni body, and start in on sleeves! I guess I should determine what kind of edging I want to do...

(thanks to Helga for taking the pictures). We had discussions about the edging, and I think between Tove, Helga and myself, we have possibly decided on a 3x3 checkerboard folded over hem. I think. I still want to do another couple of pattern repeats - I want this cardigan to just hit the hips, and it's just past the waist right now. Once I get the length I want, I will probably put it back on a thread, do the sleeves, and decide the edging then.