Friday, June 30, 2006

One Mitt Wonder

Yup - that's me - a one mitt wonder.

It seems I have no problem with SSS (second sock syndrome), but put mitts on my needles, and the second one never seems to materialize. I have actually finished pairs (I've made 2 pairs of the thrummed mitts), but for some reason, these ones are not working out. The green and yellow one is made from Briggs and Little Heritage, with thrums of roving also bought from them. The brown and teal fair isle one is a kit from Wellington Fibres - a mohair/merino blend that is just delicious. So why are the second ones not materializing? No real reason, except for the fact that these are just two of the multitudes of UFOs I have. (That's a post all to itself!) I should finish these - the thrummed ones are for my nephew - they match the colours of his hockey team. My luck, I'll finish, he'll change teams...
The fair isles - could be for me, will probably be a Christmas present - recipient unknown as yet!

And to show the lack of a problem with SSS:

the in-law socks. Both of which have the second one started. To be Christmas presents for my FIL and MIL. FIL gets Meilenweit Tweed Stripes (Mr. conservative wears any colour as long as it's brown, blue or grey), and MIL gets Fleece Artist grey and pink - yummy! I can be assured that these socks will be well cared for - between them, they probably have around 6 pairs of my hand knits, and MIL won't let them near the machine! (not even the superwash). I love this woman - they get lots of handknit stuff. Other family members - not so much. (again, a whole other post).

Happy Canada Day to my compatriots, and a Happy Fourth of July to my American friends. If you fall into neither of these catergories, have a stellar weekend. I plan to.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Just stuff...

Well, again I am picture-less - the camera and I are in different locations.
Random thoughts on this Thursday:

I love my family - Hubby and son are the best! (anonymous for the moment - hubby still doesn't know I'm doing this - once I tell him, I'll have to go back and delete some posts...) I also have a great Mom (lost my Dad 11 years ago), a brother, SIL and a niece and 2 nephews and multitudes of in-laws - parents-in-law, SIL's and BIL's, 5 nephews and 1 niece). Hubby is one of five kids. That was alot for me to get used to when we first started going out, I tell ya!

Today is my son's last day of school - out of grade one, into grade two! I can't believe it - I know every Mom says this, but seriously, he was a baby just yesterday!

Tomorrow night we head to the cottage - it's a family cottage, so it won't just be the three of us - my in-laws are already there, and my brother-in-law, his wife and two kids are coming too. One nephew is the same age as my son, so that's great - they are inseperable up there, and basically spend the day in, around or on the lake - swimming, playing on the beach, boating, fishing. My SIL and I park ourselves in the Muskoka chairs on the beach, watch the kids, drink frozen margaritas/daiquiris, I knit, we talk. Yup, life doesn't get much better...
For anyone interested in our frozen drink trick - forget adding all that ice - just freeze the chunks of fruit! toss 'em in the blender, add your tequila or rum, some lime juice, and off you go. No watered down drinks! The bags of strawberries, watermelon, raspberries and peaches are in the freezer as we speak.
In case you're wondering, I'm really more of a beer/wine/scotch girl, but these drinks seem to be a tradition on Canada Day weekend, and who am I to mess with tradition?

Knitting? Oh yeah, knitting! Um, nothing much to report - still working on socks, mostly. Have to decide which projects to bring north with me - lots of socks for the mindless margarita knitting (stockinette has it's uses), and probably some FIddlesticks stuff for evenings. Pictures of progress when we return, I swear!

If anything, this blog is going to MAKE me document my knitting...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Ok, I love to knit. I also love to do the weekend newspaper crossword puzzles. Note the plural - we get 4 weekend newspapers - The Toronto Star on Saturday and Sunday, The Globe and Mail on Saturday, and the Toronto Sun on Sunday (just for the puzzle and the pub quiz). The puzzle thing is a tribute to my Dad - gone almost 11 years now, and still the best friend I ever had (sorry hubby!) He did them all the time, and I never had any interest in them until he died. Now I can't imagine my weekend without them. Of course, family demands being what they are, I don't always finish the four of them by Sunday night. Last night, before rushing out to soccer, I grabbed the Saturday Star puzzle and started it. Explain this to me: 19 Across clue "crochet, e.g." And the solution is KNIT. What??? How much sense does this make?? Nothing personal to the crocheters out there, (Luv ya, Lucky!) but really! They are two different things! Hubby just chuckled at my indignation.

As promised, the two remaining sock pictures - the pink striped feather and fan is for my mom, the green Fleece Artist (yummy!) I am keeping for myself!

Let's see, what next... Heading to the cottage this weekend - my all time favourite place to knit. Pictures to come. I feel like a bad soap opera writer - "stay tuned! Really, it gets interesting!"

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Well, so far, I have knit quite a number of pairs of socks. I like socks - they are portable. I always have one with me, it seems. I take one to work, and knit during lunch. My son plays soccer twice a week - that's an hour each time. Socks are great for this - nothing like plain stockinette, around and around, while you're cheering on a team of seven year olds running around! Certainly don't want anything that needs rows counted, stitches looked at, or god forbid, lace! As much as I love knitting lace (and I really do!) It's not portable enough for me. Even ribbing was difficult this weekend during soccer!

Socks for my Mom:
on her feet - Mom has lovely, long slim feet. I don't.

I used a cotton blend. The cotton was a little hard on the hands to knit. I knit these at the same time as a wool pair to trade off and give my hands a break.

Socks for my Mother in Law:

These are KnitPicks wool - My MIL loves the colours!

Socks to help a friend - she had some legal wrangling to do, and someone helped her out immensely. It was such a load off our minds, I knit him a pair of socks! It's my favourite way to say "thanks!" when someone helps out...

A self striping sock yarn from my LYS - please don't ask me which one!!

Socks for my son. He likes them, but doesn't wear them. He's seven. What can I say?
I love to knit socks, and hate to wear them. And I certainly don't wear them in the summer! He's just like me.

another LYS buy. I really should write these down...

My absolute new fave sock yarn - Socks that Rock - ridiculously difficult for us Canadians to find around here - thanks to LuckyCanuck for getting this (and others) for me! She had no idea how great this was - the colourway is "Petroglyphs". The Petroglyphs Provincial Park is very near and dear to my hubby's heart, so these are for him.

I have two other sock pics to show, but for some reason, blogger won't let me - maybe tomorrow.
More (and more interesting!) stuff to come. I promise. I'm really not as boring as I seem.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Ok, finally, some pictures..
first, my Fiddlsticks Florence Shawl - my Olympics project.
before blocking:



This was fun - a little nerve wracking, given the time restraints, and the problems of trying to knit this while still doing my regular job, and trying to create a home for husband and son. For some reason they expected me to be social and civil, do the regular Mom stuff and all that. Nervy, I tell ya!

This blogging thing is strange. How much do I talk about? How much do you really want to know about me? Is anyone (other than LuckyCanuck) even reading this?

Next post (I was going to say tomorrow, but that's assuming I will post tomorrow!) my partial journey through socks...

Friday, June 23, 2006

OK, so still no pictures...

Well, since I'm no where near the camera, I can at least update some knitting progress, since it is supposed to be a knitting blog...

I have kept track of what I have knit since January (I live and breathe spreadsheets at work, so I use them for EVERYTHING...)

11 pairs of socks completed
3 pairs in progress

4 hats
1 lace shawl (My olympic project!)
3 or 4 scarves (mostly lacy ones)
a beaded amulet bag
Fiddlesticks whisper scarf in cream Zephyr - 20% done
Leaf Lace Shawl in variegated merino - 25% done
Marina Sweater (designed by Elizabeth Fallone, available at Knitpicks) - 5% done
Thrummed mitts (my own design) - 50% done
Alpine fair isle mitts from Wellington Fibres - 50% done
Alpaca hat - 40% done
Fleece Artist Silk Eyelash shawl - 10% done
15 scarves for my niece's hockey team (no thank yous yet - it's been 4 months! grrrr!)
brown wool stole
suede braided belt
cotton tank top
cotton shrug

Can you say startitis? This doesn't even begin to mention all the projects I WANT to start. I guess I'd best get off my ass and get going on some of these...
Pictures to come, I promise!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

And so it starts...

Well, I guess it was just a matter of time. I read so many knitting blogs it was time to create one myself. (Actually, I just needed a place to post my Knitting Olympics gold medal, so if anyone can tell me ow to get this on my sidebar - eternal gratefulness will come!)

Pictures will come soon, more info will also follow. Bear with me while I get up to speed on this whole blogging thing.
Reading them is so much easier!
Stuff you may or may not want to know about me:
1. I knit. a lot. Actually, not nearly as much as I want to. This working for a living severely cuts into my knitting and leisure time.
2. Very few people know I am doing this. I have not told my family yet (husband, mom, in laws, or even friends) So for now, if you're reading this, you're either in a select group, or you've stumbled here by mistake!
3. The name Curlerchik. Well, simply put, I curl. And I'm a chick. Well, to be honest, I used to curl. I still consider myself a curler, but hubby and I have taken a year or two off while we rethink what curling club we want to belong to. Plus, our son is 7. His activities take up a LOT of time...
That's probably enough for now - more info to come, (and pictures of knitting too! I promise!)