Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Well, so far, I have knit quite a number of pairs of socks. I like socks - they are portable. I always have one with me, it seems. I take one to work, and knit during lunch. My son plays soccer twice a week - that's an hour each time. Socks are great for this - nothing like plain stockinette, around and around, while you're cheering on a team of seven year olds running around! Certainly don't want anything that needs rows counted, stitches looked at, or god forbid, lace! As much as I love knitting lace (and I really do!) It's not portable enough for me. Even ribbing was difficult this weekend during soccer!

Socks for my Mom:
on her feet - Mom has lovely, long slim feet. I don't.

I used a cotton blend. The cotton was a little hard on the hands to knit. I knit these at the same time as a wool pair to trade off and give my hands a break.

Socks for my Mother in Law:

These are KnitPicks wool - My MIL loves the colours!

Socks to help a friend - she had some legal wrangling to do, and someone helped her out immensely. It was such a load off our minds, I knit him a pair of socks! It's my favourite way to say "thanks!" when someone helps out...

A self striping sock yarn from my LYS - please don't ask me which one!!

Socks for my son. He likes them, but doesn't wear them. He's seven. What can I say?
I love to knit socks, and hate to wear them. And I certainly don't wear them in the summer! He's just like me.

another LYS buy. I really should write these down...

My absolute new fave sock yarn - Socks that Rock - ridiculously difficult for us Canadians to find around here - thanks to LuckyCanuck for getting this (and others) for me! She had no idea how great this was - the colourway is "Petroglyphs". The Petroglyphs Provincial Park is very near and dear to my hubby's heart, so these are for him.

I have two other sock pics to show, but for some reason, blogger won't let me - maybe tomorrow.
More (and more interesting!) stuff to come. I promise. I'm really not as boring as I seem.


Lucky Canuck said...

Damn that picture posting. Maybe there is a limit! The Blogger how to's say there isn't, though.

Cool sox!

Bev in TN said...

Love the KnitPicks socks! Colorway is great. Would you mind sharing the name of it? I just placed an order with them yesterday and had I known they had sock yarn that knitted up that beautifully, I certainly would have ordered it! Of course I have blown my knitterly budget for awhile, but for future reference...if you wouldn't mind letting me know, my email is brober10@earthlink.net. thanks!