Friday, June 23, 2006

OK, so still no pictures...

Well, since I'm no where near the camera, I can at least update some knitting progress, since it is supposed to be a knitting blog...

I have kept track of what I have knit since January (I live and breathe spreadsheets at work, so I use them for EVERYTHING...)

11 pairs of socks completed
3 pairs in progress

4 hats
1 lace shawl (My olympic project!)
3 or 4 scarves (mostly lacy ones)
a beaded amulet bag
Fiddlesticks whisper scarf in cream Zephyr - 20% done
Leaf Lace Shawl in variegated merino - 25% done
Marina Sweater (designed by Elizabeth Fallone, available at Knitpicks) - 5% done
Thrummed mitts (my own design) - 50% done
Alpine fair isle mitts from Wellington Fibres - 50% done
Alpaca hat - 40% done
Fleece Artist Silk Eyelash shawl - 10% done
15 scarves for my niece's hockey team (no thank yous yet - it's been 4 months! grrrr!)
brown wool stole
suede braided belt
cotton tank top
cotton shrug

Can you say startitis? This doesn't even begin to mention all the projects I WANT to start. I guess I'd best get off my ass and get going on some of these...
Pictures to come, I promise!

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Lucky Canuck said...

Hey, I've compiled a list too from the things I've made but certainly have no photos of. I think I'll list mine in my next posting.

Ugh, have to trek to our golf tournament tonight and cash out the silent auction purchasers. I'd rather go home.

And ain't those diamond Koigu sox in the pattern I bought nice?