Friday, June 30, 2006

One Mitt Wonder

Yup - that's me - a one mitt wonder.

It seems I have no problem with SSS (second sock syndrome), but put mitts on my needles, and the second one never seems to materialize. I have actually finished pairs (I've made 2 pairs of the thrummed mitts), but for some reason, these ones are not working out. The green and yellow one is made from Briggs and Little Heritage, with thrums of roving also bought from them. The brown and teal fair isle one is a kit from Wellington Fibres - a mohair/merino blend that is just delicious. So why are the second ones not materializing? No real reason, except for the fact that these are just two of the multitudes of UFOs I have. (That's a post all to itself!) I should finish these - the thrummed ones are for my nephew - they match the colours of his hockey team. My luck, I'll finish, he'll change teams...
The fair isles - could be for me, will probably be a Christmas present - recipient unknown as yet!

And to show the lack of a problem with SSS:

the in-law socks. Both of which have the second one started. To be Christmas presents for my FIL and MIL. FIL gets Meilenweit Tweed Stripes (Mr. conservative wears any colour as long as it's brown, blue or grey), and MIL gets Fleece Artist grey and pink - yummy! I can be assured that these socks will be well cared for - between them, they probably have around 6 pairs of my hand knits, and MIL won't let them near the machine! (not even the superwash). I love this woman - they get lots of handknit stuff. Other family members - not so much. (again, a whole other post).

Happy Canada Day to my compatriots, and a Happy Fourth of July to my American friends. If you fall into neither of these catergories, have a stellar weekend. I plan to.

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Anonymous said...

Hey curlerchik,

Nice sock and mitten! (s) I have that syndrome SSS as well! I started socks and went crazy putting different colors on the cuff and then on the heel flap and now that I am on the foot I start thinking, ugh, I have to make another one just like this one. Hmm..hmm..hmm..what other project do I want to work on instead!