Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Ok, I love to knit. I also love to do the weekend newspaper crossword puzzles. Note the plural - we get 4 weekend newspapers - The Toronto Star on Saturday and Sunday, The Globe and Mail on Saturday, and the Toronto Sun on Sunday (just for the puzzle and the pub quiz). The puzzle thing is a tribute to my Dad - gone almost 11 years now, and still the best friend I ever had (sorry hubby!) He did them all the time, and I never had any interest in them until he died. Now I can't imagine my weekend without them. Of course, family demands being what they are, I don't always finish the four of them by Sunday night. Last night, before rushing out to soccer, I grabbed the Saturday Star puzzle and started it. Explain this to me: 19 Across clue "crochet, e.g." And the solution is KNIT. What??? How much sense does this make?? Nothing personal to the crocheters out there, (Luv ya, Lucky!) but really! They are two different things! Hubby just chuckled at my indignation.

As promised, the two remaining sock pictures - the pink striped feather and fan is for my mom, the green Fleece Artist (yummy!) I am keeping for myself!

Let's see, what next... Heading to the cottage this weekend - my all time favourite place to knit. Pictures to come. I feel like a bad soap opera writer - "stay tuned! Really, it gets interesting!"


Lucky Canuck said...

Perhaps the crossword puzzle author would have been smarter (much, much smarter) to have coined the question as "Related to crochet", or "Method using same material as crochet."

Lucky Canuck said...

And you changed the layout! Very apropos. Matches all the socks.