Monday, August 13, 2007

I can finally talk about it!

If you are a fan of Stephanie's you probably already know that I have harrassed, I mean, asked, her to come back to Aurora:

Tuesday August 21 at 7pm
Aurora United Church, Basement Social Hall. 15186 Yonge Street, Aurora.

Please email Nancy at to reserve your seat, and avoid the dreaded "turned away at the door". (I think Stephanie sometimes forgets how popular she is, and we could have far more than the cut-off of 140 people if we aren't careful).

There will be talking, knitting, laughing (lots of laughing!) and book signing. There will also be hat collecting for charity. For those that braved the inferno that was last year's talk, note that we have moved a couple of blocks north - a bigger locale, but still nice and convenient to Needles and Knits.

For those new to the Aurora / Newmarket area, there are a number of yarn stores in the vicinity, so if you come early, you can yarn crawl all you like. Details to come. (No, I'm not officially organizing a yarn crawl - I will be busy providing beer, I mean food to a few visiting knitters to sustain one of them through a talk...)

I'd wear my Venus de Knitting t-shirt again, but I don't want Franklin to think my wardrobe is that limited. (it is one of my favourite shirts - I love how only knitters get it).

Am I rambling?? I think I'm rambling. I'm a little excited. I love hearing Stephanie talk. I love how the knitters all GET IT when she talks. I love being among my people.

I have to arrange to get Husband and Son out of my house that day, They don't knit. They don't GET IT.


CatBookMom said...

How cool is this? You're linked to the Yarn Harlot's blog and mentioned by name! I immediately thought, um, does she mean THAT Sandra? And yes, it's you!! Have a fantabulous time!

Lucky Canuck said...

Oh, but WE get it. Heh heh heh. Send them to a nice movie and let the knitters take over your home once again! Happily waiting to take photo Year 2 of Yarn Harlot sitting in my car!

Lucky Canuck said...

Oh, but WE get it. Heh heh heh. Send them to a nice movie and let the knitters take over your home once again! Happily waiting to take photo Year 2 of Yarn Harlot sitting in my car!

Carol said...

Excitment is completely understandable. And it doesn't matter if others think your wardrobe is limited. You KNIT. Which means you COULD have a bigger wardrobe...if you wanted!

Janis said...

YAY! I'm so there, and so glad it's in a BASEMENT. The very word breathes coolness. Though I think the church has just as little parking at Needles & Knits! Anyway, very excited!

Rachel H said...

Did Steph mention I'm doing the driving on Tuesday night? Should I email to reserve a seat or can I just sneak in by the back?

If you click on my name in the Harlot comments you'll get my email addy if you need to get hold of me.

Hey, I get to meet you on Tuesday. Cool. We looked for you at the Frolic in April but think you'd gone by the time we showed up.

fiona Ellis said...

Hey Sandra,

I'm free tonight so I thought I might come up and join in the festivities...hope there are still seats available.

see you there
Fiona Ellis

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