Thursday, November 06, 2008

slicing up a sweater

So the much anticipated slicing of the Lopi happened on Tuesday. I brought the sweater, scissors, scotch and camera to document it. I was really looking forward to this - the sweater had been sitting around my house for weeks, just waiting to be cut up, but I promised to make a public spectacle of myself and do it at the Guild.

I laid out the sweater in anticipation:
with the shot of courage that I think other people might have needed more than me: While we had out regular Guild meeting, Marley the store cat decided the sweater made a comfy resting place:(can you see the disdain in her face?)

Then it was time - there was a collective gasp and holding of breath (and a wee dram of Scotch for me - I wasn't worried about the cutting, I just really like good Scotch...):
And the cutting commenced (many thanks to Helga for manning the camera - she was getting jostled a bit by people cringing or moving in for a closer look - that's why some of the pictures are blurry): Voila! The beginnings of a new fall jacket.
Now I just have to:

- reinforce the stitching (it's a pretty bulky yarn, and I am taking Tove's and Elizabeth's advice to go over the machine stitching again, using a finer stitch to ensure the floats are all caught)

- sew in a grosgrain ribbon facing, to really finish the inside

- pick up stitches to finish the front band

- decide on the closure - zipper, pewter clasps, buttons...

it seems by cutting up a finished sweater, it's no longer finished and I just created a ton of finishing work for myself...

It was SO worth it.


Karen said...

My cat LOVES Lopi. In fact, when I made her a cat bed (from the pattern in the Stitch & Bitch book), forget the fun fur base, I just made the base out of Lopi and she will lie on it for hours sometimes.

I love that jacket you made. I wish I was brave enough to even make myself something out of Lopi, let alone steek it!

TracyKM said...

LOVE it!! I understand the comment about now there's so much to finish it. Do you think there's a time saving element to steeking? What would the difference had been to knit it flat (slower for some), but not have some of the finishing---much of it has to be done no matter if steeked or knit flat. I"m wondering because sometimes I wonder about the speed of machine knitting---often the finishing makes the project take just as long (or so it seems, LOL).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. It looks fabulous.
I love the length and the pockets.
I can understand the tough decision about what kind of closure to make. The pewter clasps would be gorgeous but not very warm--I have a Kaffee Fassett jacket which the cold penetrates because of the pewter fasteners. A zipper will "casualize" the jacket but will be very convenient. Buttons are warm and stylish but more work with the button bands.
You actually can't go wrong. It will be great no matter what decision you make. And if you decide on pewter clasps and then don't like them, you can always change to a zipper. With buttons you're sort of stuck with the result. Let us know what you decide.Marlyce in Windsor, Ontario

Lucky Canuck said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the knitted band.

CatBookMom said...

Great sweater, much bravery to put the scissors to it. And I truly salute your choice of adult beverage!!

On Tuesday when DH got home, with the US presidential election results pretty well fixed, we broke out the celebratory scotch, Johnny Walker for him and Glenlivet for me. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

looks good!
thanks for the kind words: "jostled"!
i vote for a zipper.

Carol said...

two steps forward and one step back! But just think of all the use you will get out of it! That is going to make one kick-butt jacket.

Sel and Poivre said...

You love high heeled boots, good scotch and knitting now that's being a real woman! The new cardigan looks fabulous - what a brilliant idea to make the change.

Needles said...

Ooooooo, but it looks great.

KnitTech said...


Brenda said...

Lovely. I love Lopi and yours is especially nice. Great length.