Monday, November 24, 2008

I got nuthin'

II wish I could show you lots of knitted things that I finished up this weekend, but to be honest, I was shopping, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry all weekend. There was some knitting done, even some finishing, but I forgot to take pictures.
I finished the Trekking socks, I beaded another bookmark, and I started new socks and hand warmers.
I will try to take pictures tonight and stretch it out over the week, because other than that, there won't be a whole lot. My son and I are heading to Florida next Sunday to spend a week with my Mom - we were going to help her clean out her place down there, because we thought she had sold it. However, the deal fell through, and although Mom seemed to want to sell, I don't think she's unhappy about keeping it for another year or so. So instead of a work week, the boy and I will spend a week on the beach, at the pool, going to Busch Gardens, and generally being lazy. My husband couldn't get a way, so he has to hold down the fort here.
So this week will be the regular mayhem of our lives, along with the packing and organizing that goes along with leaving for a week. I'll try to drop in here as often as I can.

Did you know I need a legal, notarized letter stating that my husband is aware that I am taking our child out of the country? Wow. They probably won't even ask for it, but I'm glad I have it, none the less...


Anonymous said...

I did know that about the notarized letter. It's a pain, but it's for our children's protection ultimately. Enjoy the warm sun for us snowbound Ontarians.

TracyKM said...

I knew there were requirements for divorced type parents, but not married although it makes sense. My husband took our son on a trip July 2006 and didn't need anything then. But I'd rather have things extra secure than not secure enough (although my husband travelling to the US and Europe several times with his passport spelled wrong is hilarious, LOL). This is a great time to go to Florida, not too hot but not too cold!

Carol said...

I have heard htat sometimes parents have toruble with the border and taking their kids for a visit without dad. Especially if mom's last name is different. (don't know if that applies here)

Have fun down south. I am totally jealous.