Monday, June 28, 2010


It's amazing where, and how you find friends. Since the news of the demise of our jobs, I've become quite good friends with people here I probably would not have. Case in point - the Director of Marketing. She and I live in the same town, our boys play basketball and baseball against each otter, but we've always been more like acquaintances than friends. That's changed in the last little while as we've discovered we are so much more alike than we had thought. (We were both a little intimidated by each other for different reasons). We will keep in touch after this job ends, which is great.

Then there's this Internet thing, and blogging, and how friends are made that way. I'm not even sure how Needles and I found each other's blogs - probably through other blogs, or comments or something. She commented on my Punta Yarns shawlette (yes, Needles, I believe it is Marisol - so soft and delicious...) She made reference to Churchmouse Yarns patterns - patterns I had not seen anywhere around here. I checked them out, and mentioned to her that I found a couple of them quite pretty and useful. She offered to send them to me. Not only did the two I really liked, show up, but just look at this:
Needles, I've already started (and just about finished one of the ruffle neck scarves - using some Dream in Colour Smooshy, colour Good Luck Jade. (I can use all the help I can get right now on the job search).
(it's a lot further along now...

(it was foggy at the cottage on Sunday morning!)

And the Filati Book! Very impressive, and I have my eye on a beautiful cabled sweater in there...
It's a beautiful gift and Needles, if you won't let me pay you back, you can be absolutely sure I'm going to pay it forward.


Lucky Canuck said...

J'aime les ruffles!

KnitTech said...

Interweb is a wonderful place, ususally.

Love the colors on the scarf, very pretty.

Needles said...

I'm so glad you got it in good time and I hope you enjoy the whole.

Anonymous said...

Friend waving from LA! Love the DIC Smooshy yarn color. Sending good luck vibes your way.