Thursday, June 10, 2010

updates and answers

Yes Nancy, I know linen wrinkles, and I love that about it. There isn't a single thing about linen that I don't love. I always iron it to start, and any wrinkles that occur in daily wear are good for me.

Brenda - I'm hoping that any new job I take will have a similar dress code - especially regarding footwear...

Yes, I'm loving the Red Green Sweater, but I forgot to make the slimmer sleeve profile, I think. It's hard to see while on the needles, but I may have a slightly more "dolman-esque" sleeve than planned. No worries, I think it will still look good.

Job update - we have been given 8 weeks of working notice. So I have a job until July 30th. Possibly longer, as they will need some people until September 30, but we don't know who. Some people will be offered jobs, but we don't know who. (I know it won't be me - what I do is handled in their Indianapolis office). Everyone is on the "polish up the resume and get it out there" cycle. Some of us are tyring to figure out if we can present ourselves as a package deal since we all want to continue working together!
We're doing recon lunches - going out, driving around and taking note of the companies in the area, then coming back and Googling them - we've found a few things that way...
We've also developed a pretty loose relationship with the hours we're here... there's a lot of "coming in later", "leaving early" and "working at home" going on. Like tomorrow - my son has something at school I want to see, so my boss has told me to work at home for the day. No problem - I can do that. And I actually will do some work - my work ethic can't be turned off like that - I have to ensure that everything that I need to do is done - there are people waiting on my results.


KnitTech said...

Short timers makes everyone not want to work. Hope you find something even better.

Karen said...

Working from home is a blessing sometimes, and it's not automatically synonymous with "not working" -- though I can see why you might want to clear that up in your post.

Good luck with your job search.