Monday, June 14, 2010

no camera = boring post

My husband borrowed my camera last Friday, and still hasn't returned it (he left it at work).

So I can't show you:

the complete pink and brown shawl/scarf (it's damp and blocking right now)
the completed watercolour print linen top and skirt (decided for separates over a dress - SOOOOO Happy I did so!)
the continuing sleeve of Red Green
the new 198 yards of Heaven scarf I started
The 4 new fabrics I bought when I went to Fabricland to "just get some buttons..."
the GIANT Mr. Peanut Hot Air Balloon (making a return visit to the blog), but this morning, he was huge - he was on the ground around the corner from my office.

I'm hoping to get the camera back tonight!


Sel and Poivre said...

Ooooo so much productivity - 'can't wait for the photos!

I'll never forget the morning I saw the Mr. Peanut Balloon from my bedroom window and then logged on and saw it on your blog - I'd been following your blog for a while but it had never occurred to me you could be so close by!

Needles said...

Never boring. Never. Waiting for Mr. Peanut, though.

Lucky Canuck said...

I'm excited about the upcoming pics AND Mr. Peanut!

brenda said...

Can't wait. You city folks lead exciting lives. A Mr.Peanut Hot Air Baloon!

KnitTech said...

Mr. Peanut has been to Boise in sumemr's past. He sure gets around.