Wednesday, June 23, 2010

another project cast on

(trying to get a good photo representation of this yarn is killing me!) The top one is closer to real, but it's so much richer than it appears here.

Another 198 yds. of heaven scarf. this is such a great lacy scarf pattern - easy to do, and so pretty. This mohair blend yarn by Punta Yarns, is the wonderfully and thought provoking colourway known as HP71. Really evokes the colours and feel, doesn't it?

I've got someone in mind for this scarf, but I keep falling in love with the colours, so we'll see if it leaves my hands.


Lucky Canuck said...

It's a keeper already!

KnitTech said...

Very pretty.

Brenda said...

Stop. Stop. Stop. I have sworn off lace weight mohair forever! Your scarf cannot entice me. No! No! No!

Needles said...

Oh, that looks yummy.

I think I love everything that Punta Yarns does. I'm working with their sock yarn right now. Unique and I can't quite put my finger on why.