Monday, July 05, 2010

I'm back!

Sorry for the silence - I took a 4 day weekend, as did my husband, so we headed to the land of no computers or cell phone reception - the cottage.
I did some knitting of course, but have yet to take pictures - the ruffled scarf is done, but needs to be steamed - I think I'll do a before and after shot of this process. I love this Churchmouse pattern - very easy and mindless, nice and small, and so pretty. Great cottage knitting.
Red Green continues - all I have left is half a sleeve, and it looks like I will just barely have to dip into the fourth of the the six skeins that I have. This leads me to believe that with some judicious tailoring and sizing, I can get another red sweater out of the remaining wool. ( I ordered 6 of each colour as that is what the pattern recommended, however, I wonder if the Briggs and Little skeins are much larger, as I'm using just barely over half of what I ordered.)I'll definitely make this sweater numerous times, which is good, because I have blue and cream wool for it!
The other thing going on is that I am in negotiations with the new owners of my company. They want me to stay on for a whole as part of the transition team, so we're working out some contract details. We haven't finalized everything, but I can say that there are 3 day work weeks in my July future! Mondays and Fridays at home, which is a huge bonus, for me, my son and my husband.How long I actually stay is still up for debate - I don't see it as being long term, but it does give me a financial cushion while I continue the job hunt.


Lucky Canuck said...

Sounds like not a bad deal to me!

Needles said...

If they meet your terms, it doesn't sound too bad. There is the long weekends, errrrm, work at home thing, a plus to be sure.

Brenda said...

Congrats on the job possibility. And my Green sweater took far less than called for as well.