Friday, July 16, 2010

used up all my knitting in the last post...

I showed everything I'm currently working on in the last post. (except some socks and the crochet bag I've got on the go...)

I seem to be at lose ends lately. I know it's because of the work situation and the uncertainty that revolves around it. Plus it's hard to say goodbye to such a great job situation. I'm staying around a bit longer - at least through to mid September - on contract, and we'll see what happens after that. I'm hot and heavy on the job search, and hoping to find something even closer to home, but we'll see.

We have been cleaning out sample drawers at work, which means my card making supplies have been increased! (We pile everything out and pick out what we want.) We dug out a few Japanese jewelry making kits, which were automatically given to me: (they know me so well...). Thankfully, the instructions are well diagrammed, as my Japanese character reading isn't so good. A few false starts, but I ended up with this:
It's quite pretty and very comfortable to wear, and I have enough of my own crystals that I could make more of them. Christmas presents perhaps?


Acorn to Oak said...

Sounds kind of like Christmas in July getting to stuff to take home. The ring is cute! I bet it was fun to make. Have a great weekend!

Needles said...

I like this one. Very pretty.