Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I sucked it up, and admittedly, only knit on this when in air conditioning, but I finished Red Green! As much as I tried, this sweater just was not cottage beach knitting. A lap full of very warm wool is not my idea of idyllic cottage time.

(I CANNOT get this red to photograph correctly. It does not have the pink tones that my camera insists on picking up. I tried against any number of backgrounds around my house, and probably freaked out a few dog walkers, dragging and draping this sweater over anything!)
(on top of some of my hostas - wrong colour)

(on our deck steps - wrong colour)

(against a fence - wrong colour)
(on my dark grey car - better, but still not right)

I worked a little bit on it last weekend up north while sitting near a fan, and when I got into the car on Sunday night to come home, I measured and found that I had about 4 inches of sleeve. That was accomplished during the drive, the hem was sewn yesterday, and voila!

blocked and drying in my kitchen - best colour representation, but still not completely right - it's still showing as too pink here.

The Briggs and Little Yarn softened up a lot, ans B&L is wont to do. Once dry, I just have to pick the closures, and I'm still leaning towards pewter clasps - I'll have to get over to Needles and Knits to check out their selection. I love this pattern. Really love it, steeks and all.

While I have tons of scarves and socks and other small projects on the go, I still like having a sweater project available. Whether I make another one of these (denim blue, anyone??) I may make a Liesl first. I have a hankering for a lacy cardigan...


KnitTech said...

Red green is lovely. Lucky is well named.

Acorn to Oak said...

Cute sweater! I like the unusual shape of the neckline. Isn't that so frustrating when the color won't come out right on pictures?! I have that trouble with reds too. I'd like to find out the trick to making it work. Happy knitting! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the neckline!!
Great job Sandra!!
See you Tuesday,

Kristyn said...

Love the sweater. Red is such a
b%^*% to photograph correctly I have given up.

deirdre said...

Very nice!!! Red is a bugger to photograph, but I think you have enough 'close' hits there to give us a good idea...

and what? You mean you don't LIKE wool in hot, humid, sticky weather? How un-Canadian of you - I thought we knit everything, anytime... :-)