Monday, July 12, 2010

another bird post

While we were at the cottage, we heard something. We knew the sound, but it was closer than it usually is.

Since it was early morning, there wasn't a lot of action around our place or the neighbours - the kids that usually run back and forth were still asleep.

So I grabbed my camera, and braved the mosquitoes, and saw this:
a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers, looking for breakfast.

They were only about 2 metres (or less) off the ground, in a group of trees between out place and the neighbours. I had to stand in some trees to get this close, which meant the mosquitoes feasted on me, while the neighbour was on his deck, also taking pictures. (You can see his deck in the background). Although he was safer from the skitters, I ended up with the closer shots. We're still not sure who came out ahead on that one!


KnitTech said...

They don't like a thing like Woody Woodpecker! Seriously awesome shots, hope you're not to itchy.

AlisonH said...

TWO!!! I've seen them, but never two at the same time!! When I was a kid, they became nearly extinct from DDT, and our neighborhood, being in the woods and bordered by a ten-mile-long parkland, would sometimes get one. Everybody would turn out to try to see them. Everybody could hear them going at a dead tree. Dead trees are good things!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what great photos! I've never seen a woodpecker, let alone these handsome redheads. Glad the skeeters didn't carry you off.