Friday, March 04, 2011

so cute!

I love knitting for babies. Admittedly, some of the charm lies in the size and speed - this set took under a week - but it's just the fact that babies suit cute knitwear.
I've never met Emma (the mom to be), and will probably never meet her or her soon to be baby. They're in Spain, and we know one another through work. Emma is incredibly helpful to me, so I wanted to do something special. So a sweater and hat, knit in Canada using Fleece Artist (a Canadian wool), seemed right.
Emma's due in July, so we have a bit of time to put a box together from the North American office - this set, some toys and other clothes are the plan. The person in charge of getting the matching jeans and shirt had to wait to see my finished project, so she'll get this soon to go shopping.
 I'm in love with the little bus buttons - and the blue is a perfect match.
No real pattern, just a small top down raglan, garter stitch yoke, stockinette body, garter stitch edgings and button bands.
The hat is a simple stockinette beanie, again no pattern.

I'm pleased with the colouration - the Fleece Artist didn't pool at all on the sweater, and swirled nicely on the hat. Now, pooling doesn't usually bother me, but with gifts, especially for long distance ones, it's nice when things work out, and I don't have to explain what sometimes happens with hand-dyed wool. The whole set took a skein of Fleece Artist merino superwash sock weight - about 350+ metres or so. What a great use for some (rather large) stash of sock yarn. (although, the sock mojo is returning!)

Now if only more people I know would start having more babies...


KnitTech said...

Very cute set! Do like the colors.

Sheryl Evans said...

Sooo cute!! I do love to knit for babies & children too. Hopefully she will send a picture & we will all get to see what it looks like on baby!! Sheryl

Lucky Canuck said...

The Fleece Artist was perfect for this cute set. So soft and a lovely hue for any baby!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That is adorable! Love the color. I love how satisfying baby knits are!