Friday, May 04, 2012

no ruffley scarf here!

I admit, I've made the ruffly scarf with the netting yarns. And anyone (non-knitter) I've made it for has gone bat-crap crazy for them. Far and away a better response to them than to a 100% alpaca or silk lace knit creation. Tears me, it does.
The two brown skeins of Triana that were given to me - well I decided to do something different. And actually, I like it better than the scarf.
It's the Kelp Forest Shawl, and it's a free pattern. The pattern itself is tough to figure out, but the YouTube video from the designer is the most helpful thing out there. Watch it right through, especially where she shows you how to make it with a crochet hook instead of a knitting needle. In my opinion - WAY easier. This took me about 3 evenings, but I certainly did not work on it exclusively - it's that fast.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it - pretty sure it's not going to my SIL, at least, not right away. I probably won't keep it either - I don't often wear shawls. I'm sure it will find a home somewhere.


Wannietta said...

The Muggles are too easily impressed - give 'em what they want otherwise it's pearls before swine.

I love the shawl!!

TracyKM said...

I'm not a scarf person, so I haven't used any of those yarns, but that is a really neat shawl. I think I'd be tempted to trim the start of the yarn into an angle so it's not so bunchy, but she does say it won't be bunchy at the end. Might think about giving this one a try!

KnitTech said...

That's pretty spiffy.

Needles said...

OK, now that is interesting.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Wow, that's neat. I have never seen it before.