Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Frolicing part two

So, while the loom was the major purchase I made on Saturday, there were a few other things...
Sock blockers.
I'm not sure if I'm keeping these or giving them to my MIL. She hand washes all my FIL's hand knit socks, and these would be helpful for drying. We'll see.

Sock Yarn.

Cashmere blend (80% merino, 10% nylon, 10% cashmere) from TurtlePurl. This is the same base yarn blend that I've used before (Tanis Purple Label), and I love the addition of cashmere - so soft. The brown and blue on the left is probably for my FIL, the multicolour is for me.

Fleece Artist Zambezi

70% Kid Mohair, 30% Silk. 1000 metres in rich and lovely shades of brown, and it comes with this cardigan pattern. Loosely knit and quite drapey, I fell in love with the pattern as much as the yarn. I do like a lightweight cardi!

100% handdyed Himalayan Silk

Love this. So much that after buying one skein (the darker one), and wandering around, I went back for the other one. I think I will use the same pattern as above - a summer weight drapey silk cardigan - yum.

A polyester, flax and silk blend

Now normally, I would shy away from anything polyester. However, the flax and the silk are really the prevalent feel to this yarn, so it was worth it. Plus, the misty grey colour is stunning! (Especially at $10 per 500yd skein!) 3 of these will make a substantial Amiga cardigan.

There were also some buttons purchased form AB Originals - my favourite button place. Wood toggles, antler and tagua nut buttons, all handcrafted. The perfect compliment to a hand knit sweater.

So I went with the mindset of some sock yarn (if it was nice and new to me), and cardigan's worth. I'd say it was a complete success, especially since I came home with cash left over!


KnitTech said...

Love the grey/silver!

Wannietta said...

Gorgeous Dahling!!!

Acorn to Oak said... many pretty things! Looks like you had a wonderful time! :-)

Anonymous said...

You came home with cash left over????!!!!!!
That has got to be a first!!!!!!!
(Clearly you were not inhaling the same yarn fumes as Margaret and I!!!!!)

Needles said...

One of these years... Its gorgeous stuff!

Brendaknits said...

Zambesi twins! My firend and I that also purchsed it are going to do the cardi on the machine. The LK150 apparently handles mohair and the patterns is so ingeniously straight forward. I think it will work.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Nice purchases!! Love everything!