Monday, December 06, 2010

revisiting some UFO's

I was digging around in some UFO's and I came up with these two. Both lace, both very nice, but a problem with one.
 This is the Fiddlesticks Whisper Scarf, knit in a cream Silk/wool Zephyr. Beautiful, soft, squooshy, and has been sitting for well over a year with just this amount done. I couldn't figure out why I let it go, so I picked it up and knit a few rows. Ah, there's the problem. The needle size is just a little small. It's tight on the needles, needing quite a push to get the stitches into knittable positions. Frustrating. Then I spread it out a bit, and noticed a couple of my YO, k2tog's were actually made as k2tog,YO. Not a big deal, and really only noticeable to me or other knitters, but when combined with the tightness, I frogged it. I will revisit this project with a slightly bigger needle. It will be so much more enjoyable.

Then I found this:
It's yet another 198 yds. of Heaven (sorry for the Ravelry link, but that's all there is. It's a free pattern, so worth the click over). It's a Punta Yarn in mohair and nylon, in some stunning colours. Again, not sure why it got dumped, but it's back, and it's my go to lace pattern for now. I also have a mostly stockinette pattern on the go, so it's nice to have options.


Needles said...

I know this yarn, and have been beguiled by it too.

TracyKM said...

My guesses with the second one...the mohair bothered you, the colour was too busy, or--since I have those same needles---you were bothered too much by the stiffness of the cord :)

KnitTech said...

Sometimes frogging is the answer. The 198 yards, might have been put down to knit something really quick and it was forgotten.

Anonymous said...

You have been a busy person! Skirts, mittens, and now bravely diving into the UFO pile. I agree about the 198 Yds of Heaven, it will be so pretty.