Monday, December 13, 2010

the main project

I`ve been knitting on this project for a while, but have never blogged it. not sure why, just didn`t happen until now.

It`s a hooded vest - pattern is Truman from Berrocco. It`s designed to be knit with a tweedy, kind of rustic yarn, but I did a bit of a stash dive and came up with this Australian Merino is a basic beige-y, taupe-y colour. It`s either going to look great and go with lots of my clothes, or look like crap on me and be perfect for someone else. Same sort of situation that most of knitting falls into!

It`s a nice squooshy yarn, so it`s a fun knit, and the 3 row repeat for the patterned part is easy to remember and easy to do. So other than keeping track of where I am in the pattern, it`s pretty much a no brainer, which is good right now. There are other projects on the go (okay, really, who`s surprised to hear THAT?), but I`ll give them their own post.


Lucky Canuck said...

I do love knitting with the smooth, smooth yarns. There is something so satifying in all the crisp stitch definitions.

KnitTech said...

Pretty sweater.