Thursday, December 02, 2010

I think I'm done!

I finished the Team Canada mittens for my niece:

 and it's amazing what a little soak in Eucalan will do. They softened and stretched just a bit, making them the perfect size and feel.
They're drying now, and upon perusing my list, I find that I really only have a few gift cards left to get, and a few prezzies, and I'm done. This is unheard of for a knitter. But then again, I'm a knitter surrounded by people who really don't appreciate the hand knits, so I'm not sure that's a good thing. I wish my other seven nieces and nephews would ask for hand knits - I'd spend the year knitting for them. But they don't, even though I offer every year. Sigh. Although gift cards have been requested, I'm on the hunt for some gift card puzzle boxes. I've seen them in catalogues, but that entails shipping charges, and when added to the cost of the puzzle box, well, I'd rather give the kids the money instead. So I'm going to hunt through the dollar stores and see what I can come up with.

But... I could dust off the knitting machine and knit up the sweater for my friend Sue that her Mom was going to make for her. Her mom passed away this summer, and Sue gave me a bunch of her knitting supplies. Mom was a big fan of acrylic, unfortunately, but I did find a basic cardigan and black and white marled acrylic that was marked for Sue. I think I will make it up for her, and as much as I love Sue, it's a machine knit - I can't bear to do it by hand.


Brenda said...

machines are perfect for acrylic. Love the mitts.

Wannietta said...

Excellent job on the mittens!!

I have a real loathing for paying shipping/handling costs too. There are times when it's worth it but I generally try to avoid it, as much as I love shopping online!!

KnitTech said...

Love the mittens.

The price you pay as a knitter. Sainthood isn't enough.

Lucky Canuck said...

The mittens are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Is there a Blankets4Canada chapter in your area? They knit (and crochet) squares and make afghans for the homeless and need acrylic--mostly knitted worsted weight.
Marlyce in Windsor

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Those mittens came out great! I am sure your niece will love them!