Thursday, December 16, 2010

it's all Wendy's fault!

At my last Guild meeting, Wendy showed a gnome she made for her grandson. I love these gnomes. I've made quite a few, and every year around this time, I seem to get the urge to make more. Seeing Wendy's just confirmed it. I need to make gnomes!
I have a gnome, my son has a gnome, so my husband should get a gnome. And since he fly fishes, he should have a gnome in the Fly Fishing colourway from Knitpicks (especially since I had an extra ball of it lying around).
Then I thought the boy's teacher would like a gnome, sort of a classroom mascot (she's the type of teacher that would appreciate this). So I started another gnome, using some nice rustic green and grey Briggs and Little I had.
Halfway through that, my husband mentions that I should have used the school colours. Damn! He's right! Go stash diving and come up with a gold and black combination for the school. Put that to the top of the queue, and get going on that - last day of school is this week.
Well, the school one is done,

 the green and grey is done except for the sewing, stuffing, and a beard - total about one evening's work. The Fly Fishing one - well, as usual, the husband's gift got put to the bottom of the queue, so he'll be lucky to get it for Christmas!

And yes, I still want to make more, but the deathflake mittens are calling to me...


Wannietta said...

The gnomes are adorable!! And 'm going to show Amanda the Deathflake mittens - I have a feeling that she'll like them!!

KnitTech said...

Gnomes are cute. I should hunt down a pattern for the boss, since I call him a Gnome.

Acorn to Oak said...

They're so cute! I love those gnomes too! I've had it in my Ravelry queue for a while now. I really need to move it to the top and make one. You make it sound quick, easy and fun. :-)