Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I love Mr. CatBookMom...

CatBookMom is an Internet knitting friend of mine, from way back in the days of the About forums.
I'm in Canada, just outside of Toronto, and she's in Burbank, CA. We've traded patterns, yarns, knitting notions and such over the years. (She gave me my first Chibi darning needle set).

I also (due to having to explain my screen name) introduced her and her husband to curling. It was around the time of the Salt Lake City Olympics, and she and I traded many a message about it.

So I was tickled pink to see this comment on my post about my niece playing for Team Canada:

Squeeing with happiness here! Called in DH to look at the mittens and tell him all about you and your talented niece. He said, "oh, yeah, that's the woman; we watched the Olympics curling on account of her."

Yup, Mr. CBM, that's me. And your wife keeps threatening to visit Ontario, o now you'll just have to come along. I'm impressed with anyone who can remember things like that. You will always be welcome here. We even make pretty good hard cider in this part of Canada...


Lucky Canuck said...

Good luck to your niece and may the mittens be a part of her team's hockey folklore to come!

(Typed as I struggle to fit behind my desk after a boatload of Christmas cooking and baking has made its way past my lips.)

KnitTech said...

Isn't the interweb awesome?

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Cute story!

Anonymous said...

Sorry not to have posted sooner; I haven't been able to get DH to read this yet. He's fighting a nasty toothache and is being cranky and skittish.

But I'm so full of chuckles over this. Toronto, we're comin' atcha someday!!