Thursday, October 15, 2009

when I start wearing socks, these will be first

I finished another pair of cotton-Lycra socks, and these are for me! One, I love the colour combination of blue and gold, with some orange tones tossed in. Two, they are seriously comfortable. So when sock weather rolls around, I'm ready. Okay, I know it's already here for some, but I can't give up my beloved flip flops yet.
(sorry for the orangi-ness of the pictures - darkness + fluorescent lighting...)

Yes, I know we have had frost, and rain and at the cottage, even some snow flurries, but really, until there is a layer of snow on the ground, I'm going shoeless and sockless for as long as I can. Plus, it's become a matter of honour. Some people have competitions as to when the heat gets turned on, around my office, there's a pool going based on my footwear. People have picked a day when I will actually wear closed toe shoes with socks. I'm not allowed to know who's in the pool, or what day they've chosen, so as to keep it as impartial as possible. However, I'm pretty sure I know the people who have already lost, and I have a pretty good idea how many are still in - when the CFO drops by my desk to "chat" each morning, I get the feeling he's still in! (I get allowances for days when I have to wear a skirt or other clothing inappropriate to flip flops - I do have meetings with outside people...)


KnitTech said...

Very nice socks. I've wear mine year around because we can't have "flip-flop" type shoes. Jerks.

My heat was turned on a couple of weeks ago. I don't deal well with the cold at all.

TracyKM said...

What if you mess with them and make some 'thong' socks to wear with the flip flops?