Friday, October 23, 2009

quick knit

Our Guild donates items to charity each December, and I try to knit up a few items to add to the pile. Hats are always good since they're easy and somewhat mindless, and always needed. Especially for boys. It seems charities get a much higher percentage of girl items - not surprising - pink and pretty is always easier than dark and plain. SO I grabbed a bunch of grey, brown and charcoal Classic Merino and have been cranking out hats. Here's that latest, cast on and made while deciding on which of my existing projects I want to continue on. (I also needed a small compact and portable project to take to basketball games and swimming lessons, and I didn't have a sock I wanted to work on.)

It's not blocked yet, but I love the brown and grey together. This will join the other hats I've already knit, ready for our December meeting when the pile in the middle of the room gets increasing bigger as each knitter adds her donations! I'm hoping to get a few more done, with the remainders of the Classic Merino balls I have lying around.

And just because I think this post needs another picture, here's a shot of some fall colour - Thanksgiving weekend, taken during a long walk down our cottage road.


Needles said...

I'm so glad you fell for the book. It is just too cute. I'm debating carving cave man clubs as we speak.

Thank you so much for the fall colour. We went from green to dead without the normal intervening yellow of the poplars. I missed that.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed and impressed with
your productivity. I like the hat.
Which charity to does your knitting group donate to? The knitting guild
here has traditionally donated to the local shelter for abused women.
Marlyce in Windsor, Ontario

Lucky Canuck said...

I have been cranking out some hats for my bro. He is really good with them, always hand washes them. When I visited him last time I was out west, he had them laying out flat to dry as instructed. I love making hats. I think part of the allure is the decreases and how it looks, knit or crochet!

KnitTech said...

It's fall all over the country! Love those reds.

Carol said...

Hats is in the air. so to speak. We have a hat over here too. Jsut gotta tidy it up

jennifer said...

As "Charity Knitting Queen" for the Guild, I'm really happy to see some beautiful boys hats being made. They are so badly needed. Thanks so much in advance.