Monday, October 05, 2009

mo jacket, continued

Brenda had asked for the "deets" on this jacket, so I thought I should share. This was a Fleece Artist Kit, bought at the Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Fair in September. It's a basic Fleece Artist Pattern that comes with a skein of Mohair, approximately 450-500 metres. It is only in one size, but figure if it fits me, it will be roomy on anyone that wears less that a size 14. There's a fair degree of stretch in the fabric, as it's knitted on 7mm (? maybe 8mm) needles. Like all Fleece artist patterns, it assumes you have a working knowledge of knitting. It really is just a boxy, waist length jacket with set in sleeves.

I bought another hank of Mohair at Dye-Version in green tones, since the yardage was virtually the same, and will make another one with minor mods (a little longer, maybe a button band treatment, and a different collar). I may keep this as an Olympic project - I know it's almost cheating to have a project I know I have a good chance of completing in time, but I'm going to make it more challenging by changing it up and adding a zipper this time around. I also know that February is going to be a challenge for me - it's a ridiculously busy time in my job, as we determine upcoming licenses and stuff, so that's another challenge.
Then again, I might not wait. I may just start this puppy sooner...

Tomorrow, a surprise!


Lucky Canuck said...

I love a surprise!! And remember, Olympians enter the competition doing something they know ahead of time that they can accomplish, so you go right ahead and pre-plan that project.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the deets. I didn't realize it took so few metres of mohair. I have a whopping skein purchased in 2008 in BC. It might just make one myself.