Monday, April 09, 2012

getting in good with the MIL

My MIL loves to set a pretty table - she has tons of china patterns, and loves to add flowers and mix and match. She often entertains her bridge club or church group for luncheons and teas and such. She often uses tablecloths to set the tone for her table.
Reading back those last sentences made me realize that my MIL and I live in completely different worlds, and are of a completely different generation. I have never played bridge, nor do we entertain in the same way. We'll often have friends for dinner, or have casual drop ins, but I don't think I've ever hosted a luncheon or tea!
However, I'm always happy to help her when I can. And tablecloths are a way I can.  She has an oval table with two leaves, and uses the different sizes quite often. She loves the oval tablecloths rather than the rectangular, so the hem is even all the way around.
One time while I was over there, I took all her table measurements - the length and width, as well as the length of each leaf. I also drew a template of the oval!
My Fabricland has a wonderful tablecloth material available in a number of colours. (I found it when I was making my niece's Victorian dress - remember this? Same fabric!)

She is entertaining a new bridge group next week, and I guess wants to impress them, because she asked if I could make her a blue table cloth to match her "Dainty Blue" china. (Dainty Blue? We are really from different worlds...) I'm always happy to make points with the in laws, so I made this for her.

She picked it up the other day and just loves it! (My office is very close to their condo). I've asked her for a picture of the completed table - I'll show it to you once I get it.


Anonymous said...

I heard a friend's loud complaints when she made a cloth for her oval
table. I guess it's not easy. So keep your measurements!
You are a very good DIL!
Marlyce in Windsor

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Your are such a good daughter in law!!

I need new table cloths too! Lol. Maybe I should commission you! ;) probably would cost too much in postage though ;(

Brendaknits said...

Such a good DIL you are. I hope she has a lovley time showing off her table and it's new cloth.

KnitTech said...

Roxie lives close to you? No wait, Roxie sews.

Yea, I don't host teas either.