Wednesday, April 04, 2012

finished sweater!

I finished the boy's sweater, and there are bonuses all around:

1. the obvious bonus - I finished the sweater! I ripped a fair bit of this back since I started it so long ago, and the boy at age 13 is growing exponentially. If I knit or sew him something, I have to build in growth and still knit or sew fast enough to catch him at a stage where it will fit!

2. using up this cotton blend yarn - it was taking up space in the stash, and with the Knitter's Frolic coming up, making any kind of room is a good thing

3. The boy likes it and wears it! Can't be anything but happy about that!

Just a note - there will probably not be a post on Friday - since it's a holiday, we will be at the cottage, and there will be a turkey to cook and people to see, and generally just a busy weekend.

Happy Easter to All!


Lucky Canuck said...

I like it, very sporty!

Sigrun said...

Good job. Those are three valid points=extreme satisfaction.

KnitTech said...

4) The boy knows his mommy loves him!

Brendaknits said...

Great looking guy's sweater. Happy Easter to you too.

Carol said...

Hooray finished sweater! Does it fit him?

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Lovely sweater!

I was trying to find a way to come to knitters frolic.
Not sure it will work out for this year. Maybe next year.