Monday, August 17, 2009

yeah, I'm back, but I'm not happy about it...

We had the perfect week. Weather was perfect, food was perfect, kids were, well, maybe not perfect, but as close as we could ask for.

I love the cottage, can't think of any better place to spend a summer week, my husband feels the same way, and we seem to instilled that feeling into our kid. Perfect.

Then we came home. The town decided to dig up a square of our driveway to replace a valve, but then did not repave it, so I have a 30cm square of gravel in the middle of the driveway. The newspaper (which I had stopped) did not stop until Wednesday, so my friend who was looking after the place, had extra stuff to lug into the house. And the best part - the main home computer decided to crap out. (I think it was virused). I can't get my email at home, all my pictures and music are stored on it (yes, I know I should back these things up. We talked about it at the cottage, and I was picking up a bunch of flash drives for that very reason this week). We can probably recover the data, but still. It pisses me off.

But... we had a great week off - I knit, I beaded, I made cards, I spent a whole lot of quality time with my husband, son and nephew (who had some homesickness issues, but we dealt with it). I cam back to work and found that most things were looked after for me while I was away (I had preplanned for most contingencies), so that was a nice surprise.

I will find some time to download the pictures of my crafty stuff soon - promise.

I really missed reading other's blogs! It's not enough of a reason to get wi-fi at the cottage, but it's close...


Karen said...

Ooh, that really sucks, getting a virus on your home computer. Hope all is recovered well.

Don't you hate when the City makes a mess then isn't willing to "own" the cleanup? Happens a lot. In every city.

Carol said...

If the city meessed up your driveway, they should fix it. Seems obvious, but I guess they are trying to cheap out. Skinflints