Monday, August 24, 2009

closer look at the Christmas cards

I had a commenter request a better look at some of the Christmas cards I make. (can you tell how much I love commenters? They ask a question and I am ALL OVER the answer! Sorry did that sound like begging for comments?)

Anyhoo, here are some of them. They are very, very simple - I don't put a lot of embellishment on them, because I try to keep the costs down enough to sell them at a reasonable price. When I make cards for my own use, there is more time spent and more layers of things added. Because I'm not as concerned about cost.

Understand something however - I work for a sticker/paper crafting company. I get a healthy discount, and I have access to many vendor samples that would otherwise get thrown out (we share those). In the real (retail) world, these would not really be feasible to make in bulk for a reasonable cost, but someone special or for a special occasion, they are worth it.

The only problem I have is that I can't give a store bought card anymore. The recipient gets their nose out of joint if the card from us isn't hand made! Good thing I like doing it! And my MIL basically demands her stock of Christmas cards every year as her (November) birthday gift. Works for me.

I use dimensional (3-D) stickers:

felt fabric stickers:

some are serious:

some are just fun:

whatever they are, they are fun to make and I love giving them.

This reminds me, I have a couple of birthdays and a baby or two coming - must dig out the non-Christmas supplies...


Acorn to Oak said...

Great cards! I love 'em! I've had the same problem...made our Christmas cards for years and people loved them so much...some people told me how they've kept my cards up all year because they liked them so funny!! I ran out of time the last couple of years and couldn't stand the idea of sending boxed Christmas cards, so I ended up not sending any at all. I also find it hard to buy store cards to give for other occassions. They seem so impersonal...not to mention too expensive.

P.S. I understand the comment thing. :-) I love getting them too.

Needles said...

I'm debating which I think are sweeter, the serious or the reindeer, or maybe it is the wee little socks... hard choice.

AlisonH said...

I am in awe. I could never think them up, much less make them come to pass. Beautiful!

Cindy G said...

That's Ok, beg.

Seriously, the cards are delightful. I've been scrolling up and down, up and down trying to pick a favorite. I've narrowed it down to the "Hope" card on the serious side and little snowmen on the "fun" side.

Your MIL is a fortunate woman.

KnitTech said...

Oh man, you had to remind me Christmas is coming.