Wednesday, August 19, 2009

cottage productivity

I've never thought of myself as an "A" type personality - I consider myself far too lazy and somewhat unambitious. However, I've been told I try to do too much by a number of people, so maybe I'm wrong. (I still think I enjoy laziness too much to qualify.)

For our week at the cottage, I brought a lot of stuff to potentially do - a variety to keep me interested, and lots of all of them in case something doesn't work out. (Don't get me wrong - there was a great deal of sitting around, having cocktails with friends, watching the kids swim (and joining them often), boat rides, fishing, and general cottage antics.) But there was also enough time to:

make some Christmas Cards: ( I give these by the dozen as gifts, and sell them as well)

make some jewellery: (I'll detail these in another post)

and knit on various things:

Luna cardigan - named as such because that's the name of the yarn - I bought 2 bags of this ages ago from Elann - a bag of black and a bag of this beautiful olive green. It's a cotton rayon blend - 1 ply of cotton and one of rayon - incredible drapiness, wonderful hand and subtle sheen. I love it. The cardigan is of my own design, making it up as I go along - it's stockinette, has a v-neck, raglan sleeves, with a small eyelet detail for the increases, and a garter stitch detail, both horizontally and vertically, that will end in some kind of diamond detail at the hem. I think. I haven't thought that far ahead, really.

I also worked on some socks - finished up one in Opal (yarn gifted to me by the ever generous Helga). I have to cast on the next one, and will do so this week. I also finished up a pair of bamboo socks - probably to be gifted to my Mom - they're not finished here, but I did finish them on the drive home. The sock mojo is returning!

I started a couple of cotton stretch socks - fast moving due to the thicker yarn, larger needles (3.0mm instead of my usual 2.25mm)and fewer stitches. I had forgotten my small circulars that I use to start toes, and started these on dpns - a little tough for the first couple of rounds, but doable. Good to know. I decided to work both of these at the same time (it's not like I don't have enough needles), and see how that goes.

I also started a little project - it's a purse-like bag - smallish, but not too small, in a Celtic circle pattern in some black and red Briggs and Little yarn I had hanging around. I've made bags like this before, in fair isle patterns, and they were well received as gifts, so I thought I would try it again.

So all in all, a good week. I relaxed with family, and did some things that make me happy. Can't ask for much more than that.


Needles said...

Its all in how you look at it. There is sitting around and then there is sitting round while you are doing something, two states of being, both good, both requiring much practise. The only problem is that these states are interrupted by that work thing we seem to have to do.

Looks like a great haul.

Wannietta said...

I should re-think my stance on going away to a cottage if that's how much you can get done!!!

TracyKM said...

Different ideas of what 'laziness' is. I know I am definately lazy, but I do get things done somehow. The jewellry is gorgeous!

Karen said...

Wow, that was a productive holiday!

Anonymous said...

Can we get a closer look at the cards too? I can't seem to embiggen the pics. Glad you enjoyed your time at the lake.

katrynka said...

Sounds like the perfect vacation!

Carol said...

I knew there would be beading done! very productive vacation, I'd say

Anonymous said...

It's great to take your hobbies along in case of rainy days and dark evenings. Question: do you line your knit bags? And what do you use for a closure? I'm working on one now--not fair isle but several kinds of yarn in varying rows. Thanks.
Marlyce in Windsor.