Friday, August 21, 2009

answer to a question

Marlyce in Windsor has a question about the small knitted bag I'm playing around with:

do you line your knit bags? And what do you use for a closure? I'm working on one now--not fair isle but several kinds of yarn in varying rows.

I used to make a lot of knitted bags - specifically the Sophie felted bag with beaded handles. (sorry - I tried to find the pattern - it was free on MagKnits a while ago, and now that MagKnits has gone, I can't find it. I can't get the Knotions site to load, it might be there...) Because the felted fabric became so dense, there was no need to line these. However, when I make the little fair isle bags that are not felted, I do tend to sew in a lining. I sew, so whipping up a lining takes a few minutes on the machine, then I hand sew it to the top of the knitted bag. I try to find a tightly woven cotton, in a fun co-ordinating print, if possible. Simple stuff.
I usually don't put a closure on, but if it gapes, a quick sewn-on large snap does the trick.
I'll post pictures of the bag as it continues - I like these little bags for the quickness of them, and the dent they make in my (somewhat large) stash of Briggs and Little...

And I will detail the jewellery and cards I made while away - I'm stretching this out as much as i can, since I've had very little down time to knit since we've been back!


Carol said...

my knitted bags have been felted so far. But I made them with a flap cause I'd be dumping the contents otherwise!

Lois said...

I think you're hyper active plus an A personality. You did all that in one week! with all the other activities. I'm tired just reading about it. Wow!