Thursday, August 27, 2009

jewellery, piece by piece...

Carol nailed it - she knew the sparkly things would catch my attention when we were on vacation. I did make a bit of jewellery - using up some of my (far too large) stash of beads and things, and also scratching a few Christmas gifts off the list.

This was almost the whole production:After I took that one, I added this necklace to the mix: I also have some crappy pictures of the individual pieces. This dark jewelled one isn't showing up quite as nice as it really is:the jewels are brighter than they show, but are still not really bright - shades of gunmetal and dark blue, a deep purply tone, and hits of amber. The seed beads between the jewels are gunmetal grey. My one SIL saw the raw pieces and asked for it specifically. Perfect. I know she loves the colours, but the style will still be a surprise.

Another similar style is this one. Shades of green and gold, and I haven't decided who's getting this one. You get a better idea of the brightness and sparkle of these two pieces here: Then a couple of chain linked necklaces, using up some beads and other findings I had hanging around - the green leafy shaped one has gold butterflies and bronze toned beads as spacers.

I have a SIL that loves butterflies and green tones, so this is probably hers.

I haven't decided if I'm keeping this one or giving it away. The more I look at it, the more I like it.

The last necklace I made was for a friend who loves grey and yellow, especially together. There are grey bugle and seed bead between the larger glass beads, and frosted glass yellow beads in there as well.

There were also a couple of bracelets made, using a new-to-me technique I found in a beading magazine. These started as just bags of jump rings and beads. I had fun with two sets of pliers, and the rings and beads! I love, love, love the copper one with the blue beads. It's hard to see, but the blue beads actually have a copper edge to them - so nice! These may or may not go out as gifts - I'm having a tough time letting them go.

Of course, since I've been home, I haven't even looked at the jewellery stuff! I want to make more of this stuff - I just need to find the time.

And the good news - bad news in the computer arena - remember our home computer pooched itself when we got back from our vacation? Well, the hard drive is fine, meaning all our files are intact (pictures, and patterns and music, oh my!).

But the motherboard is fried. Great, let's spend MORE money...


Needles said...

A new motherboard is almost as good as a new computer sp long as the hard drive runs.

I have absolutely fallen for the blue,gunmetal, amber, purple one. The design is stunning. and you know, I could almost do the jump ring thing with things I alredy have. Must think on this.

Lucky Canuck said...

LOVE them all. The one you might want to keep? Keep it. You can always make another!

KnitTech said...

You've been busy!! And I agree with you, the blue/copper one is sexy.

New motherboard, new CPU, and possibly RAM it may cut into stash money.

Carol said...

That dark necklace with the lots of beads in a bumch looks like it is right up my alley! Heh. Also, those bracelets with the jumpring technique remind me of chainmail. Not that I have made it, but I did look into HOW it was made for some reason once. Cool