Thursday, March 05, 2009

stash addition

I've been trying to be good. Not buying excessively, and trying to knit from stash. I've been pretty good - the black cardigan (must finish that off...) and the FLS are both stash busters, and I haven't bought sock yarn at all lately. (the fact that I could open my own sock yarn store probably has something to do with this...)

But on Tuesday when my Guild hosted Wellington Fibres... well, I just had to grab some. They now have lace weight! I'm a huge fan of their 3 ply mohair/merino blend - the depth of colour that Donna achieves with dye is outstanding, and the drape and hand of the yarn is delicious. And now in lace weight! 658 metres of 80% mohair/20% merino blend, silky feeling, wonderful colours. I'm amazed I stopped at two. Considering the horde of knitters I had to contend with, I'm lucky I got anything at all: But I'm thrilled with the two I scored: I'm thinking a shawl, maybe with a Swarovski beaded edge... The hand paint is called Wellington Autumn Scene, and the solid is Wellington Golden Honey. Yum.

And while I looked at and loved the drop spindles, I stomped all over my subconscious and did not buy one. (yet).


Needles said...

You have been good, so surely these are a reward for good behaviour.

I'm trying a new tactic to get my buying to fit a new lower budget. This is the first month, and so far, I am failing miserably but I am having a good time doing so!

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI...
There's been much discussion on the Spin List about using the Swarovski crystals in spinning beaded yarn as well as knitting with them on handspun as well as commercial yarns. Apparently many people have had trouble with the sharp edges around the holes cutting thru the yarn, scattering crystals everywhere & ruining a handknit item. There was mention of a discussion on Ravelry about this, too. (I don't belong so I've not seen that one.)
Just something you may want to consider.
Phyll in Central Florida