Monday, January 04, 2010

um... hi!

I guess I went away for awhile... Actually, I never really physically left, but it seems my blogging mojo just took right off on me. Let me correct that - it wasn't just the writing of the blog, I didn't really read any either. Basically, I kind of ignored my computer for a few days... which became a week or more... and well, I'm back. Lots of reading to catch up on, it seems...
Sorely lacking in pictures, however. I never even took the camera out of the case on Christmas - how bad is that?

I'll start with the quick overview:

Christmas - fabulous. Everything we hoped for. We spent a fantastic Christmas Eve with friends, as we do every year, then got home and had a wonderful family Christmas morning, just the three of us. Relaxing, as we knew we were not due anywhere - they were all coming to us! And come they did - by around 3pm, we had a houseful, and it was great. More presents were exchanged, a very long table was set (I should have taken a picture of that - we sewers know what a treasure trove Fabricland can be - red organza printed with bronze snowflakes makes an amazing tablecloth for an antique wood table - and it cost almost nothing (I think it was around $4/metre, and I had 6 metres). 16 people sat down to dinner (including a Metro Cop in full uniform - my SIL made it in time for dinner, then had to scoot out again, as she is an inspector, and had some spokesman duties to perform. So cool to see her on the news that night!), and as much as I hate to brag (but isn't that what blogs are for?) dinner turned out great. two turkeys, all the fixings, pies, cakes, profiteroles and fruit salad. Yup, we stuffed ourselves. But the best part was spending the time with family and friends.
The rest of the time was spent doing stuff around the house, and with the kid - some great unplanned downtime was sorely needed by all. Sometimes my house was full of kids, laughing a shouting, sometimes, it was bizarrely quiet, (as some other mother got to enjoy the laughing and shouting) which meant I could work or as I did on one day - de-Christmas the place. It's mostly back to normal now.
I could talk about New Years Resolutions, but honestly? I don't make them. I hate to put the pressure on a certain time of year to make changes or hopes. I do what I can, when I can. I don't change my way of living my life just because midnight comes on a certain day. Plus, as a cottager and mom of a school age child, September always seems more like a New Year to me. We don't go north as much, and we're back into the routine of school.

There have been changes made around here - my car is no longer the newest in the driveway - the husband finished his lease with Nissan, and the buy-back kind of sucked, so instead, he now has a 2010 Honda Pilot, and we're all thrilled. It's a really nice ride, and I prefer driving it to his Pathfinder - the Pilot just seems like it drives smaller, if that makes any sense. The only problem is I have to get over my issues with Honda - they screwed around with me over my Civic, (which is why I now drive a Toyota), but hopefully, they're better with this one.

There has been a ton on knitting, sewing and other stuff too - but I'll save that for another post or two).


Acorn to Oak said...

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Can't wait to see what knitting and sewing you've been up to. :-)

Best wishes for a wonderful new year!

Brenda said...

Hmmm. The word relaxing and the bit about serving dinner to 16 people seem to be at odds with each other. At least in my house they would be. Sounds as if your time with family was great.

Needles said...

You were on vacation. Posting wasn't the first thing to do, it was the first thing to take a break from.

Great to have you back though, and I can't wait to see the knitting.

KnitTech said...

Glad to hear Christmas was fun and relaxing. Can't wait to see this year's projects.

Anonymous said...
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