Friday, January 22, 2010

not something I ever wanted to HAVE to knit...

Tit Bits. Thankfully not for me, but in my opinion, worse, for my 80 year old mother in law. We got the diagnosis on the 19th, and she is having a mastectomy on the 26th. Crap.

The family is rallying, and each of us is doing what we do best. I'm knitting boobs and cooking meals for the freezer. My husband is doing research, helping his dad, and calming his brother. My one sister in law is taking over, because she feels she is the only one who cares, and the rest of us are unfeeling leeches. Sorry, did I say that out loud? Yeah, I'm also working on holding my tongue, and taking all the shit and disdain she is hurling my way. With a smile on my face. Then I drink wine with my best friend and she listens to me vent.

It's a good system.

I've been making Chicken pot pies, stuffed pasta shells, Greek yiouvetsi and any other type meal that is easily frozen and rewarmed. If you have any great recipes that fall into the category, I'd be grateful for recommendations. After a week, the same stuff over and over gets a little tiresome.

As far as MIL - her sense of humour is still there, even though she's a bit shell-shocked at the moment. When I told her I was going to "knit her a new one", she broke out in gales of laughter - She asked for pink:
Then I'm going to use this for a winter one: I stopped by Needles and Knits, and Tove broke out the good stuff for me.Really - who wouldn't want a boob made out of 70% cashmere/30% silk? I may go back and get more of this jewel - Maybe a lacy scarf in white or black - you know, over the top luxury for someone who absolutely deserves it.

We haven't got all the information from the docs yet. We don't know what stage, or whether it's in the lymph nodes or what. (Or maybe we do, and SIL hasn't felt the need to share). Either way, whatever happens, the family will will deal with it as a family.

That's just what families do.


Lucky Canuck said...

Here's to hoping it all works out okay! And yummy cashmere/silk.

Needles said...

My mother in law went through this last year. One of the blessings of Alzhiemers is that she really doesn't remember having the surgery, and doesn't even really remember that her breast is gone.

The disease if difficult, but the real devastation happens to a womans heart and soul and vision of herself. For my mother-in-law, this just wansn't an issue.

Sending good mojo to your mom in law and family. May her heart and soul come through it ship shape.

Acorn to Oak said...

Sorry to hear the news. I hope everything works out well. Sounds like you and your family are there for one another...and your friend is too. That's great! I love the colors of the yarns you're planning to make hats with...especially the pink. Take care.

Kristyn said...

I will be sending prayers and good vibes her way. Lasagna also freezes really well.

Anonymous said...

Really, really sorry to hear your news. Hope it all goes well from here on in.

Brenda said...

I am so sorry to hear about your MIL. Isn't that such a terrible thing to have happen to you when you are 80 years old. Hwo about a Tortiere to freeze.

Anonymous said...

oh, bummer!
very best wishes!!!
venting and wine, very good!
how about soup!?
freezes well, and is comforting.
hang in there!

KnitTech said...

Best wishes for the MIL. And thoughts of something less damaging for the SIL. (Okay, I won't even think those.)

Breakfast burritos - easy to heat up and very little clean up.

Anonymous said...

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