Thursday, January 21, 2010

brown and blue, yet again

I really like brown and blue together. (I'm actually wearing a brown sweater with blue jeans today.) Knit Picks had a beautiful (in the skein) blue and brown mixed yarn called Robin's Nest. I loved it, I bought it, I knitted it, I ripped it. The Tailored Scallops Pattern (renamed by me as the Bad Romulan Shoulder Coat) was not the right pattern for this yarn. So it stopped being a sweater, and returned to being yarn. While I was learning entrelac, I thought maybe this is what this yarn was meant to be:
Yeah... no. Not really. The colour changes don't flow, and the look is just... wrong. So this is probably getting ripped as well. I might try a lengthwise scarf, maybe mixed with some solid brown to tone it down a bit, or it might just go into the depths of stash to suffer the indignity of a "twice-ripped, nothing works" yarn.


there is hope for my blue/brown obsession. Meet the newest incarnation:

two yarns, held together. A brown tweedy yarn - ball bands gone. I had knit this into something (I've forgotten what), and ripped it out, and found the re-wound balls in the depths when I was looking for something else. Some of the tweedy flecks were blue, and right beside it (serendipity??) was a number of balls of Peru - an Austermann yarn - 85% alpaca, 15% merino, in just the right shade of blue to match the flecks. The pattern calls for worsted,and each of these were fingering, so held together, they seem to work. I love the colours together, the yarns are well matched - the alpaca softens up the tweed, and I love the pattern.

What pattern, you ask? Ah, you'll have to wait for the finished piece later this week. (getting two blog posts out of a single pattern is a bonus!) I've fallen in love with this pattern, and couldn't be happier that I bought it.


Lucky Canuck said...

I agree with you on the Entrelac colour no-go. But that next piece...nice!

KnitTech said...

Try a mitered square, might help with the color changes.

Anonymous said...

"finished piece later this week" - LATER THIS WEEK?????????
Do you knit in your sleep????????!!!!!!!!!
I have been trying to pick up the stitches for a lousy sock heel all week and you're going to knit an ENTIRE SWEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so impressed
(and so jealous...)

TracyKM said...

I agree with the no-go on the entrelac.
If the yarn has predictable colour lengths, you could work out how many sts wide to make a scarf to get a nice striped pattern.
Can't wait to see the new sweater.

Kristyn said...

I also love the blue/brown color combo. I can't wait to see the finished project.