Monday, July 27, 2009

wet weekend equals lots of knitting

Rain at the cottage is not necessarily a bad thing. Rain every weekend since the beginning of July IS a bad thing. Seriously, this is getting out of hand. We share the cottage with my husband's family, and after this weekend we're verging on justifiable homicide. There are limits to how much family drama I can deal with at any one time. So I spent a lot of time hiding away, knitting and listening to my IPod. Loudly. Thankfully, my son and his same-age cousin were immune to the drama and had a great time as they always do.

I finished one hat for charity, then started and finished another one. (they're blocking here)
I even got back to some socks! (WooHoo! I think the sock mojo is returning!) I was stalled at the hem of one and the heel of another, but I got the heel done and got an inch or so of the leg going.


KnitTech said...

Some families do bond on drama. (((hugs)))

Send the rain my way, we need it.

Carol said...

Yeah, being forced into close confines with family can do that to ya. Glad the ipod buffer helped.