Monday, July 20, 2009

finishing weekend

We went north this weekend, as we do most summer weekends. Although lately, I'm using the term summer loosely. In October, we would have been thrilled with the weather we had, however, in July, it was frickin' cold! I kept trying to sit outside, but the wind kept pushing me back in. Sigh. At least it meant that having a lap full of wool wasn't too uncomfortable. So I took advantage of that fact and pushed through a couple of projects. The brown and blue Tailored Scallops Cardigan is blocking now. I've finished the pieces, and as per directions, have blocked them before picking up for the collar and sewing it all together. I'm reserving judgement on this - I've got to start ignoring my love for variegated yarns for anything other than socks. I love these colours, and the yarn is super soft, but I just don't think this is going to be flattering to me. In which case, it will get gifted. But I should wait until it's done. Who knows what will happen once it's sewn up?
I also finished the first of two Andrea skirts. I changed the top a bit, making it a little more skirt like with a slightly more substantial waistband.
Noro Silk Garden - gotta love it for blocking out well. When I took this off the needles, I was a touch worried about size - it measured a skimpy 34cm in length. Right - give my head a shake. After blocking? A perfect 47cm, without a whole lot of stretching - just enough to open up the eyelets a bit.

(The colours are truest in the closeups).

By finishing up these two projects (one of which is quite big and bulky), my knitting bag has shrunk considerably. I'm still working on the never ending ball of yarn (6 more inches of scarf, no discernable reduction in the ball...)

I think my sock mojo might be returning. I've been eyeing my sock yarn stash, and falling in love again. I may have to get a smaller bag now, if all I have are scarves, socks and a small cardigan...


deirdre said...

I know what you mean about the variegated thing for non-sock knitting - looking forward to seeing how this one looks on, maybe actually on you???

Lucky Canuck said...

Went shopping myself in my yarn stash. What treasures I have!! Loving the skirt. Very funky.

Linda said...

There's a vest in Knit so fine that is made with 5 colors of Trekking sock yarn - maybe you can do something like that?

The skirts are very cool and I am anxious to see what the sweater looks like on you. Try to suspend all thoughts until you've put it on. Wear it for a while (2-3 minutes, not a week) and then look in the mirror.

Sel and Poivre said...

There's a special satisfaction in finishing big knits isn't there? The resulting "room" is more literal than when a smaller project moves from WIP to FO and the sense of room is more in the mind and the queque than the basket!

As for cold at the cottage - we've actually got a space heater blowing under the table in the screened porch just to allow us to eat out there occasionally where in normal summers we eat three meals a day for two months!