Thursday, July 30, 2009

I think we watch too much Survivor...

We have a large extended family, and many of them cottage on the same lake we do. This coming long weekend (for those of us in Ontario) will see 24 assorted family members and hangers-on gather for the family Olympics at the lake. We've done this before,and while we always say it will be an annual affair, it's been quite a few years since the lat one, i.e. my son was not around for it, and he's 10. But the games are being revived, and we have divided everyone into teams, and are coming up with events. (certain family members have been given the task of event planning). I'm hearing talk of blindfolded kayaking (with other team members yelling directions and instructions from shore), and we are devising an event around our two water balloon slingshots. These are not your average slingshot - it takes three people to use them, and it can launch a water balloon the length of a football field and beyond. They are fun. We're going to do distance as well as accuracy events with these.

Note the type of event - we are competitive, sure, but it's all about the crazy with us...

But one of the jobs designated to to my son and myself was the acquisition of "buffs" - those lengths of cloth that differentiate one team from another. This term became common since the advent of Survivor, as each tribe had a different coloured buff. Son and I had fun at Fabricland the other night. We could have gone basic - red, yellow, blue, green. We could have gone cheap and we even checked out the clearance bin, but MAN, were those fabrics ugly. There's a reason they were in clearance, I guess. But I was not subjecting myself or my family to wearing them...

So we hit the novelty fabric section - we had a hard time narrowing it down, but we finally came up with:


Owls and of course, Flaming Skulls.Son has assigned each team a buff - I believe am a Lizard, his Dad a Monkey, and he kept the Flaming Skull for himself.

What a surprise.

And, a note from the comments:
Can you share the source of the skirt pattern, please? I just love it.

I lurk here from time to time and am always impressed with your projects.

Dianne R in FL

Absolutely! this pattern can be a skirt or poncho and is designed by my friend Elizabeth Fallone. The pattern itself can be found here.

I love this for two reasons - First, a lurker leaves a comment. (Trust me, we little bloggers LOVE comments... especially from lurkers). Second, I get to share the talents of Elizabeth - she's a local designer and teacher and her stuff is outstanding.


KnitTech said...

Those buff's are going to be way cute! Glad to hear the family traditions are coming back.

Carol said...

He kept the flaming skulls. That was a big surprise. Not. Heh. Cute idea,though. So, are you going to play baseball with a broom handle and beach ball? Or touch football with a blow up air mattress?