Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Not Done.

This is why I prefer top-down cardigans. When you finish knitting, you sewn in the ends, block and wear. This one? not so easy. I finished knitting the 5 different pieces, but It's Not Done. then I blocked it, but It's Not Done. I did a three needle bind off on the shoulders, but It's Not Done. I even had to knit some more (that was a surprise!) to create the collar, but It's Not Done. I sewed in a bunch of ends even with wet splicing, there are ends), and It's Not Done. I sewed down the collar, but It's Not Done. I still have to sew in the sleeves, side seams and find some sort of closure before It's Done.
I hate this sweater already, and I haven't even put it one. Some of my other worries about it - the variegation (I've mentioned this before), and the fact that it's a textured knit in a bulky yarn. I'm bulky enough to start, so I'm thinking this might make me look like the Michelin Man that fell into a mix of brown and blue paint.
(I'm hoping that all my negative feelings towards this sweater will be corrected once I put it on. As much as I hate this sweater, I really, really want to love it...)
Of course, this week has not be conducive to actually getting this stuff done. I've been super busy, and brain dead enough to shy away from complicated knitting. I cast on a hat in Classic Merino as part of a bunch I want to make for charity. This year's cash flow is a little tighter than normal, what with cottage and bathroom renos, so the financial contributions to my favourite charities are a little lighter than normal. At least I can donate some warmth to someone who needs it.


Lucky Canuck said...

Actually, said sweater is looking very Missoni.

Carol said...

Seaming sucks. I have to do it while sitting at a table, since I am not that good at it, I can't do it while comfy on the couch. Which leads me to do less at one sitting than I would if I was on my comfy couch. Which means that it takes even long er to get done. Blech

Anonymous said...

I actually like seaming, but I'm not volunteering to put the sweater together :o)
As for the charity knitting, I'm cranking out scarves here. Maybe the scarves will match up with your caps.... You are so right, and the hand knitted items are so appreciated. How many did you cast on with the hat - and what needles are you using?

AlisonH said...

But once it Is Done, then you'll love it. And if not, throw it in the back of the closet for two weeks, then pull it out, go, so what was my problem, and you'll love it forever after.

TracyKM said...

Do you think the sleeves could be knit in the round? I've been wanting to do this project too, but don't make many large items that need so much finishing! I thought the book said the front edges formed the collar? White lie? I'm following you closely here (esp. since I just made myself a cardi with a fuzzy, textured, bulky yarn and feel like a big bear when I put it on).

KnitTech said...

The gift of time is a wonderful thing.

You're so close to having the sweater done. It will look AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Can you share the source of the skirt pattern, please? I just love it.

I lurk here from time to time and am always impressed with your projects.

Dianne R in FL