Tuesday, February 03, 2009

my other project

With the Bella mittens off the needles and on her hands, I can focus more time on my other project - the February Lady Sweater. Seems fitting to be making this sweater this month, but that wasn't how I planned it. Happy coincidence, is all. The yoke is almost done, and I'm very happy with it. I will soon divide for the arms and start the gull lace,and then all I have to do is keep an eye on my yarn usage, to ensure I have enough of the green for the body and sleeves. I know I have enough black left for the front bands, so I'm in good shape there.

Speaking of front bands - the black and grey sweater has been butchered - at least to the extent of the front bands. The ruffly grey has been removed, and a solid black band will be in place soon. I agree with the comment that the idea of the sweater was to be a useful, black cardigan. The solid grey bottom and cuff hems were fine but the ruffle was way over the top.

Plus, I'm not really a ruffly girl, so this is better.

And the CEO's wife here is a knitter! SHe does some part time work in our department, and she's really nice. When she mentioned to someone that she knits, they immediately called me over! So N and I will be lunching together more often... SHe's pretty new to it, and had no idea of the vast amount of knowledge online. I introduced her to Knitty, and I'm sure she spent the afternoon crawling around there. (Hey, she's the CEO's wife - she can get away with it...) She's a big Debbie Bliss fan, and has three young girls, so although we have different ideas about what to knit, it doesn't really matter - we both knit. SHe wants to ask if we can knit in our weekly (boring) sales meeting. To be honest, while she might get away with it, I'm pretty sure I would not be looked upon well if I did.

Maybe I should work for my husband. No, scratch that - I'd rather stay married...


Jennifer said...

OMG! Your comment on the Yarn Harlot's blog had me laughing outloud for about 5 minutes! Perfect! Happy Knitting.

KnitTech said...

Congrats on the finding a knitter in work. Our staff meeting is on over the phone, so they don't see I'm knitting through it.