Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm converting them one by one...

You know about my knitting co-worker - how I've helped her with blocking, seaming and finding patterns on the Internet (not only Knitty, but she's become a huge fan of Twist Collective...). Her husband, our company CEO, has even commented on the fact that I am his wife's knitting coach. (I would have preferred that this was not brought up during a senior management meeting, but whatever, he's the CEO.)

Now it's the beads. Another co-worker had a bracelet and earring set from her Mom - Mom didn't like the silver tubes on the bracelet, and never wears earrings, but she loved the large beads and the crystal parts. So as a Mother's Day gift, D decided to remake the set into just a bracelet. So we headed off to Michael's, and bought what she needed, I brought in my tools, and we spent a lunch hour remaking the bracelet. The colours are much more vibrant than they appear - the light has washed them out a bit - we're talking pinks, blues and purples. I wanted to do a little more variation of sizes and maybe add a few more things, but D was thrilled with it this way, and hey, it's her bracelet, not mine.

Before: During: After:
We had a bit of an audience during this, and now it seems they want me to do a "lunch 'n learn" series - show them how to make them one day, then give them a week to go out and get the supplies, then another day help them with the making of. I said sure.

We have a lot of fun here. And the company on the whole is doing a lot better after a bit of a scare last year, so I am optimistic about staying here. When this kind of stuff happens, and I love what I do, it's hard not to want to stay.


Needles said...

Its wonderful to be able to work at a place that approaches creativity and supports it that way.

If I was not so utterly pleased to be at the yarn store, I would envy you.

Needles said...

This way, I am just pleased as punch for you.

(somewhere along the way, this part got deleted, editing enius that I am)

Needles said...

And speller too. Genius, Genius.


Lucky Canuck said...

Excellent reworking. I have a whole ziploc full of odds and sods of costumer jewellery that I'm going to remake into other kinds of pieces in the future. Jewellery is in a way, very fluid.

smariek said...

Nicely reincarnated. And it is so cool that people at work are into this stuff.