Thursday, February 05, 2009

best. aunt. ever.

(They are much darker grey in real life - and this is in natural sunlight!)

I finished the Bella mittens, and wrapped them up to send to my niece. I grabbed a couple of pictures off the Internet that showed Kristen Stewart as Bella wearing the original mittens, and made up a wrapper that said they were knit expressly for my niece and they were inspired by the Twilight movie. I added the movie screen shots, so she could see the inspiration.

My husband plays poker at his brother's place every Monday, and his sister lives nearby, so he was designated as delivery person.

When he dropped them off for her, he said the sound she made was virtually supersonic, she was so excited. (He mentioned something about a punctured eardrum, but really, she's a 14 year old drama queen - what did he expect?) I got a phone call minutes later, she gushed and gushed about them, then she burst into tears! She got herself composed and said she was so happy that someone had remembered her! (I'm should have to have a little talk with her parents about equal time for both her kids, regardless of the excitement going on in her brother's life...)

She was planning on wearing them to school the next day, and I believe the line was "I'm NEVER taking them off!"
*ETA - she called again last night. She has taken them off to eat, sleep and shower, but other than that, they are always on. Her friends are so envious she said, which segued into a "would you be able to make some for...?" I hated to burst her bubble, but I gave her the "they are special, just like you, so no one else can have them" line. I hated to do it, but I'm not supplying the entire female population of a school no where near where I live...

Cool. Sometimes the drama that surrounds her can be a bit much, but I love her to death, so to be able to do this for her? Priceless.


Lucky Canuck said...

By no one else having them but her, she is guaranteed, the envy of every 14-year old girl at school this week. And hopefully she's milking it for all its worth! Good on you, Aunt Curlerchik!

CatBookMom said...

Isn't it great when people love your knitted gifts? Is there anything more of a drama queen than a 14yo??

katrynka said...

It is so great that you made her so happy!

KnitTech said...

Bestest Aunt ever!!

Carol said...

The mitts are gorgeous. And her response is everything a knitter could wish for.