Thursday, February 19, 2009


I wish I had something interesting for you. I'm knitting away on things, but only in fits and starts between everything else. Work is busy, busy, busy, which is good, but also tiring. My son is busy, which is also good but tiring, since he still needs me to get anywhere. Husband's business is crazy busy - again, good, but I'm not seeing a lot of him. We did have a wonderful long weekend at the cottage, but we're back into the busy again.
The work thing is interesting - the company is fighting for survival - we've made cuts (back in November), and we've since seen a bit of a rebound, but less people means more to do for those that are left. My boss is great, and he knows my strengths, so he is utilizing them not only in our own department, but I seem to be loaned out to others as well in some cases. Not complaining here - I like being useful and needed, and at least I have the freedom to work at home when necessary. They understand the family-work balance here very well - I know who incredibly lucky I am to find that.
I'm so close to finishing another baby set, and another pair of socks, and I really want to focus on the February Lady Sweater, but I have a couple of other sweaters that are calling my name.
And there's some beading going on too. Nice beading. Crystals. I've discovered crystals. Swarovski crystals. Sparkly fun. Pictures soon...

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