Friday, June 08, 2012

House guest

Maybe I should have titled this Home Guest.
We seem to have been adopted by a homing pigeon. He has discovered the large pile of Nyger seed on the ground beneath our bird feeder. (the finches, swallows, jays and cardinals are messy little beasts).

For the past few days, Homer (as we have named him) has been in our yard for hours. He's very tame - we can get within a few feet of him. I've never seen him fly - he just hops between the yard where the seed is, and our deck. Last Friday when it was raining and miserable, he was huddled up against our door.

He looked so unhappy, I set up our blue bins as sort of a shelter for him. He seemed happy and stayed until the rain abated, then when back out for more food.
His leg is banded, so he must have a home somewhere. We've never seen him before last week, so I wonder if someone new has moved in, or if someone has recently taken up raising pigeons. He never stays past dark, and shows up either in the morning or around noon.
The only problem we have is the bird poop on our steps.


Needles said...

Well if you have a bird poop problem, maybe that is why you fell down the rabbit hole...;)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I am not a bird fan. I hope he finds his home though. I hope someone isn't looking for him. :(