Monday, June 04, 2012

gifts for some great kids

Our neighbours at the cottage are fantastic. They moved in about fours years ago, and we were a little wary - our former neighbours were great friends (we vacationed in Vegas together), and we knew it would be tough to get that kind of friendship again. Considering there is a shared beach between the two properties, as well as some fairly worn footpaths, we had our fingers crossed for a good family.
Well, we got that. Great couple of parents, who have become friends beyond the cottage, and kids the same age range as ours. Their girls are 13 and 15, my son and nephew are both 13, and there is a bay full of kids ranging from 9 to 15. The girls next door are terrific - both as friends to our boys, and in that general all-around "good kid" way. They are a joy to have as neighbours. The girls and Mom stay up most of the summer, and she is a nurse, so it also gives us some piece of mind when my elderly-ish in-laws are there alone. (the neighbour on the other side is the same - great friends, and they keep an eye on the parents. We are truly lucky.)
Anyway, the girls birthdays are June 10 and July 1, and added to my nephews June 28 birthday, we always have a group party for them. I like to do a little something for the girls, since they are always doing things for us. (the 15 year old is a phenomenal baker, and always makes apple pie for my husband, as well as the best butter tarts...)
Both are huge readers, so I thought - bookmarks, along with a Chapters gift card. The younger one is the biggest, I mean BIGGEST fan of the Hunger Games stories, so when I found a cross stitch chart for the logo, well it was a no brainer. The older one is a huge fan of Queens University - she wants to go there, especially after spending a week there for some academic camp in May. So the Navy, Gold and Red colours were a given. I broke out the bead loom and voila!

2 hand crafted bookmarks, each personalized for them. These are the kind of kids that will really appreciate these.


KnitTech said...


It's always know what you built will go to a good home.

AlisonH said...

Oh how cool. They lucked out when they got you for a neighbor! Happy birthday to all!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

What lovely gifts! That is so nice that you got good new neighbors and that they appreciate gifts that are handmade.